girlfriend adviceA friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.  ~Douglas Pagels

Girlfriends are wonderful (but you knew that, right?). The are there for us when times are tough, when we need a shoulder, and when we just need a little bit of a smile. It’s fabulous to have someone who will call and say, “I have 30 seconds and thought of you.”

Guest blogger REBECCA HULSE reminds us that our girlfriends are there for us in many, many different ways. What are some of the ways your girlfriends are there for you?

Your biggest assets that are almost never used to their full advantage are your girlfriends. Girlfriends are those special friends that give unconditional support and have an extra special something built up of those funny moments, shared experiences, and spirit connection.

So what else can we use this special power for apart from having fun and gathering together? Here are some ideas:

Brainstorm: You already do this for your problems so let’s make the most of what you already do. How could you make XYZ better? Use it for your job, sex life, business, family, time management, dream fulfilling, and the list goes on.

girlfriend advice
Power Posse

Energy Channeling: just like “I’ll be thinking of you” This is effectively the same thing different channel. You can all tap a la EFT for someone in need, meditate, manifest, visualize whatever floats your circles boat. Harness powerful group energy for creating all our dreams and goals and desires together!

Accountability: You can tell your girlfriends something that you’re going to do so then they can ask you later how it went. Bravely declare an intent to your friends and watch it manifest even quicker because of the social pressure you used.

Mirrors: You girlfriends are the ones you can really trust to be open and honest so really cultivate and encourage that behavior. They can tell you when you are taking on too much.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what kind of circles and activities you can create with your closest gals. So tell me – I would love to know what powerful things you do with your girlfriends or what one you like best. Let’s get a power change in our girly circles to empower and change the world one gal at time gorgeousness!

REBECCA HULSE is a life coach, professional dancer, and a Hulse family legacy. She transforms women’s lives from overwhelm, dissatisfaction, and extreme disorganization to unstoppable momentum at and Facebook.

What are your best ideas for powerful girlfriends?

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