Friendship spring furnitureSpring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  Robin Williams

Happy Spring Girlfriend! How’s your Spring so far? Did you know this could be your best Spring EVER?! How? Actually, there are a few things you can do to make it an amazing, fabulous, wonderful, memorable Spring. It’s a great thing you’re reading because it’s our ‘Have your best Spring edition of Girlfriendology Girlfriend Advice’ update.

Look for the clues to your Best Spring Ever below. They’re hidden in some of our girlfriend advice – look for the *‘s below!

Last week on Girlfriendology …

  • How to Keep a Sense of Humor with Work (or Life) – From Girlfriend Guru DONINA IFURUNG (* Think a sense of humor might help your Spring? It sure could! Read this post for great girlfriend advice!)
  • Being there for your Friend in the Good and Bad Times – Another fabulous post by Girlfriend Guru LINDA STEELE (Along with the awesome recipe for ‘Celebration Cookies’ – yummy!) (These cookies could turn a bad Spring day into a great Spring day. #justsaying)
  • Eating for the Holidays – The fab, funny Faux Diet Queen shares her ‘recipe’ for eating over a great Easter or Passover holiday weekend (Chocolate anyone?!) (Chocolate could make any day better!)
  • Favorite Pinterest Pins – What inspires you? And what would you want to share with a friend? This is our page to pin and tell 🙂
  • What to eat before you Work-out – Girlfriend Guru LISA McDANIEL BROWN helps us get healthy by working out then shares tons of great healthy girlfriend advice in our BlogTalkRadio show (Things like five things you can do TODAY to be healthier!) Part of her advice – Take a Walk! * Get out and enjoy the Spring, especially with a friend. You’ll be healthier and you’ll have a better Spring!)
  • Ten Stress-Busting Tips (from Mum!) – Lower your stress with this great girlfriend advice from LEYLA AL-SHARIF. What are your favorite lessons inspired by your mom?
  • Love Keeps Lifting me Higher – Grateful for Friends – By Girlfriend Guru RACHEL AWES, along with her inspiring art (We <3 Rachel!)
  • Joyful Advice on a Girlfriend Birthday – Make your/her day extra special (* A GREAT Birthday could totally make it a GREAT Spring!)

Girlfriendology spring is natures way

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