Friendship Wordless Wednesday Christina Girlfriends fitness friendsIt’s Wordless Wednesday which means we’re featuring fab, fun, photogenic friends!

Photos with friends show our best side. The side of us that is happy and glowing when we’re with our friends. The side of our personality that is comfortable and content. The side of us that lets us laugh or cry freely and feel accepted for however we look and whatever we do or say.

So, each Wednesday we’re featuring You. Girlfriends. Photos of fun friends. Snapshots of girlfriends sharing happy times together. It’s our version of Wordless Wednesday. (FTR, due to the format of this blog design, we can’t really *go wordless* or it throws everything off plus we just like to share about the amazing women in our Girlfriendology community.)

This week’s girlfriend group are fitness friends. Per CHRISTINA D (who shared this photo):

“My friends from the gym are the marshmallows in my hot cocoa :-). They nurture my spirit & give me something to look forward to each week.”

Wordless Wednesday Christina Girlfriends fitness friendsChristina shared on our Facebook page about her great girlfriends from the gym. Seriously, working out with these women looks like it would be FUN!

Do you have gym friends? A great girlfriend group? A beautiful Book Club? Share your photo with us. Brag about your girlfriends. Take this opportunity to show us your best side – the one that shines when you’re with your girlfriends! (Info below.)

And here’s last week’s Wordless Wednesday girlfriends – Patricia’s Bridge Club.

We’d love to feature you and your favorite female friends (sorry, no guys! it’s not that type of ‘girlfriend site!’) so please submit your friend photo (with your friend’s permission, please!) either by posting on or by sending to info (at) girlfriendology dot com. (400 pixels wide or high MAX.) Feel free to share a line or five about the photo (even though it is supposed to be ‘wordless’ there just might be a story or sentiment that you need to share!) as well as your /your friends names (again, PLEASE have their permission to post it!). We’ll feature at least one every Wednesday. (You can leave links to your “Wordless Wednesday” posts in the comments to generate some traffic for your site too! It just has to be a Wordless Wednesday and not spam! We delete that.) If you have a website/blog, we’ll post your URL and would appreciate if you would link to ours as well.

So, send in your favorite female friendship photo and tell us about it – why you love your friends, the special girlfriend group you have, etc.

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