Wildflower Hill novel from AustraliaHey girlfriend! Looking for a new novel for your book club or a good read for the fall?

Hot off the presses, Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman is here!

(Full disclosure: They sent me a free copy of the book, but I had to do all the reading myself.)

Wildflower Hill is the dual story of two women (a grandmother and granddaughter) who each have to find a way to start over in their lives.

The novel spans three generations starting with Beattie, pregnant, unmarried, and pressured by society in the 1930s to give up her baby for adoption. Beattie and her married beau run off to Tasmania where Beattie begins one of several “do-overs” in her life.

Fast forward to present day. Lucy is a ballerina, living and working in London until a career-ending injury sends her home to Australia and then on to Tasmania where she heals physically, spiritually, and emotionally from a broken heart and broken leg.

Wildflower Hill does a wonderful job of painting the clatter of city life and the vast wildness of Tasmania. Personally, I’m ready to pack my bags and go see the Land Down Under (Girlfriend Trip anyone?).

And that’s really one of the primary jobs a book has, right? To transport us from our every-day selves to Somewhere else, into someone else’s life, to see their hopes, their dreams, their struggles, their loves.

Beyond transporting us to Tasmania, WILDFLOWER HILL is the story about the relationship between the women in the family. We follow the desperate love of a mother for her daughter, the difficulties between a grown daughter and her mother, the joy in watching a young child dance, and the healing offered from grandmother to granddaughter.

If you’re a Kindle chick, click here to get Wildflower Hill/Kindle wirelessly.

Whether you choose the paperback version or the Kindle version, grab your copy of Wildflower Hill and join me for a journey to Tasmania.

Judi is Chief Book Reviewer at Girlfriendology.com. She can generally be found reading three books at a time–and she can almost always keep the plots straight.

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