Best supportive friends, oscars, academy awards“It’s funny. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people can change your whole outlook on life. The opposite is also true.”   Unknown

I’m so blessed with supportive friends. My girlfriend Julie cried with me at dinner, my other girlfriend Julie laughed with me at lunch. My college roommate and BFF Barb sent me a sweet Valentine’s Day card, as did my sweet friend Catherine. My girlfriends Becky, Cathy, Laura, Crystal and Sandy have been cheering on my recent ‘finding a new home’ saga. And I could keep naming amazing women who have been there for me when I really, really, REALLY needed them. I am blessed.

I pray that you have supportive friends too. That your girlfriends are there for you when you have a bad day or a bad year.

It’s the week of the Academy Awards. The awards show that I’ve loved for years. The awards show that recognize the best ‘Actress in a Supporting Role.’

Who are you the best in supporting? Who your best supporting friend? Be thankful. You are blessed. Now go bless your friends 🙂

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