As I mentioned in the podcast today with author Rosie Molinary, I believe one of the greatest things about girlfriends is learning from/with each other. I learned a lot from reading about and then talking with Rosie today.

She is articulate and passionate. She listens to the voices of women and inspires conversations that challenge us and force us to take an active role in mentoring and championing our ‘sisters’ (aka: girlfriends). She made me rethink how I perceive where to buy ativan vials others, and myself. Powerful stuff. And then there is her book! – Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image and Growing Up Latina.

Listen to the podcast. Comment on your thoughts. Then, apply it to your lives. As we improve our self esteem, as we accept and appreciate our body image, as we help other women do the same, we make the world better. That’s a good world! Thanks Rosie for inspiring me and all of us!