friendship women laughingDo you have a friend?

Lots of them? Enough? Never enough? Recently we shared an article about the number of friends we should have. Do you have great girlfriends?

Lately several women have been telling me (on Twitter and through other social media conversations) that they don’t have ‘any friends’ or ‘enough girlfriends.’ My first thought is – have you tried to be someone else’s friend? Have you been there for a girlfriend when she needed someone to not talk, but just listen? Have you done favors for your friends like watch her dog or pick her up at the airport? Have you gone out of your way to make her day, remember her birthday or sent her a thoughtful card/email ‘just because’?

What would you recommend for women who feel like they’re lacking in gal pals? How can we as women befriend each other and be there for one another? What advice do you have?

I found this little video to get you started, then share your thoughts and girlfriend advice in the comments!


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