Friends walkingBeing a passionate, driven, okay … probably more possessed entrepreneur, I work … a lot. I’m not complaining at all – I love my lifestyle of meeting with Penny, my new assistant on Mondays to go over her tasks, working with Ellen on PR, Stella writing and editing podcasts and videos, blogging and networking, and having podcast interviews and other phone meetings throughout the week. I love having the freedom to work on my laptop at different locations and no one wonders why I haven’t shown up at an office. I’m awake a lot of nights but don’t mind because I get some good thinking work done. I get up in the morning and love getting online and starting the day with a great cup of coffee and a sleeping cat that often overlaps my laptop. I don’t even mind making concessions for not having a paycheck or paid insurance or knowing exactly when my ‘ship will come in.’

Some people ‘get’ what I’m doing – building the online community for women based on female friendship, and some don’t. Generally my friends, whether they ‘get’ it or not, are supportive and encourage me to follow my passion. Some think I’m wasting time on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In, wonder why I work so much and why I’m an entrepreneur. That’s okay.

I do it for yesterday. Allison found out she was losing her job the day before she left for vacation. She was back in town. Colleen has a new boss and a beloved dog who is slowing down quite a bit. Both were available and it was a perfect day, so we met to walk. Over the course of miles and neighborhoods, we caught up on our lives. We brainstormed new jobs, how to handle new bosses and ways to get more women to attend the upcoming events we’re having for National Women’s Friendship Day. We laughed, we shared, we ‘did life’ together.

I ‘preach‘ the benefits of female friendship – health improvements, higher level of happiness and lower of stress, self-esteem, longevity, etc. They’re all true. There are probably even more. But for me, this week, the benefit was a retreat – from my passionate dream of building this community to getting to experience the benefits. Just taking a walk with my friends is ‘girlfriend therapy.’ Plus, being an entrepreneur and not having to make up an excuse for leaving early so I could meet my girlfriends, as the Visa commercial says, is ‘priceless.’

Allison and Colleen don’t do Twitter. They don’t understand my business model or read everything on this site. But they do ‘get’ me. They know I have to follow my passion and they encourage me to do so. And they invite me to go walking at 4:30 on a Monday afternoon because we can and together we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and great conversation.

Girlfriendology is here to remind all of us to take a walk, stay in touch, ‘do life together.’ Our goal is to encourage each other to support our friends in reaching for their dreams and in living their best life. The feeling of completely being yourself with friends you trust, laughing, sharing ideas and caring for each other is what life’s all about.

When was the last time you spent time with your girlfriends? What are you planning to do to celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day? (Sept. 21) Share your thoughts then go take a walk. Find a girlfriend to join you and you’ll experience the benefits of ‘girlfriend therapy!’

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