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In my opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for wives and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends, partners and partners. It isn’t meant to only be focused on romantic love and attraction. Flowers, chocolates, cards, and fancy dinners aren’t required, in my book. In my world, Valentine’s Day is a time to stop and focus on love – and love between people that is so much a part of our life that, like air and water, we don’t always notice and appreciate them.

Being Girlfriendology (right?!), we like to celebrate the gift of girlfriends all year ’round. Our goal is to inspire and encourage women to support each other and be better friends.

This Valentine’s Day, I am celebrating my girlfriend Cath. Cath and I have been friends since we worked together over 20 years ago. We have lived in different states, gone through job and life changes, and had a few not-so-great moments together – but a TON of Fabulous memories together.

FTD Valentines Day Flowers Girlfriend Gift 2 PINThis Valentine’s Day, FTD helped me celebrate my BFF Cath through their #ILookToHer campaign. This wonderful program reminds us that Valentine’s Day is for girlfriends and to celebrate the way we look to each other – not just at Valentine’s Day but for years and decades. It reminded me of this quote:

After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.

Christian Dior

Girlfriend i love you this muchI sent this FTD bouquet to Cath (at work, because we all like fun surprises at work!) to express my love and friendship. She responded with the fun photo above and a cute graphic that she made for me. (I love her that much too!) Being fun and creative, Cath also created these fun images of the flowers with an App that lets you create artistic images (it’s called Dreamscope).

Actually, I’m blessed with great women that I look to, that I wish I could send you all bouquets to express my appreciation for your friendship and my support for you if/when you ever need me.

FTD Valentines Day Flowers Girlfriend Gift 2 IGWho do you look to? How do you show her that you look to her? Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

And thanks FTD for allowing me to share this bouquet with my BFF and for the opportunity to recognize her for always being there when I need her. Check out these Valentine’s Day bouquets – you just might want to surprise a girlfriend (at work or home!) with a way to say #ILookToHer!

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