Life is a challenge.

We women juggle time, money, health, relationships. We struggle to be the best person we can be and to make the right decisions. Women take on the stress of our family and friends as we often try to help them in their challenges too.

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All this juggling, struggling and stressing reek havoc on our health, happiness, mental state and even our relationships. While under the weight of all these challenges, we can lose sight of solutions and our ability to participate in the course of our own lives.

If we look at the evidence and research, we can find some aides to our sanity and stress. As noted in The Tending Instinct (an excellent book by Shelley E. Taylor on the biology of women and relationships), women are looked to for ‘tending’ (or care, attention, support) by children, men and other women. So, we often take on their stress – especially when they’re in close social/relational circles.

What can we do to relieve the stress? Well, The Tending Instinct found that female friendship lowers stress and makes us healthier, happier, live longer and even feel more beautiful. So we NEED our girlfriends!

In addition to those great reasons for female friendship (it’s kind of the ‘magic pill’ for our health and happiness!), here are some convincing truths about girlfriends:

  • We genuinely want the best for each other. We’re there for you when life isn’t so good. We understand and we’ll listen. We’ll cheer for you when you’re up and cry with you when you’re down. Our goal as your friend is to help you life your best and happiest life. No motives, no jealousy, no underlying reasons – we do genuinely want the very best for you.
  • We help you see things you might not. True and trusted girlfriends will speak to you in truth. They can support you when you can’t support yourself and they have your best interest in mind. Sometimes this may be tough but if they’ve proven to be real friends in the past you should listen and trust them.
  • We look out for each other. Don’t you love when a friend sends you a link or note to something you’ve been looking for? From a simple notification of a sale or cool bit of info, to advice on a major decision, we look out for each other. Girlfriends are family and we look out for each other.
  • We’re here for you. Without you, we’d be alone – there would be no friendship. We depend on you for your friendship and you can depend on us as well. You’re not a bother or a problem. You’re our friend.
  • We love you. We’re not in this friendship for our gain – aside from the great benefit of just being your friend. You are important to us and you are loved.

In the challenges of life, your girlfriends are there for you. Trust them, love them, laugh or cry together with them. Be the friend you’d love to have and your life will be filled with just the right friends.

Thoughts? Please share your girlfriend ‘truths,’ stories and thoughts in the comments below. Thanks Girlfriend!

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