Girlfriendology i love traveling, friendship quote“I love traveling with a friend and seeing places through her eyes too.” –Girlfriendology

Traveling with a girlfriend has all sorts of advantages. You have someone to play with, someone to watch the luggage while you take turns using the restroom, and (best of all) you get to spend time with a really great gal.

Guest blogger MAIRE HUNTER reminds us that a little bit of planning can make a vacation with a gal pal even better than you thought it could be! (Happy traveling, girlfriend!)

Vacations are a wonderful experience that many people enjoy. Vacationers take a wide variety of excursions and road trips to amusement parks, historic sites, different states, and sometimes different countries. About 58 percent of vacationers travel with their romantic partners, while 22 percent bring along family members or friends. Traveling with your girlfriends can be an unforgettable experience that you will talk about for years to come. However, to get the full enjoyment out of the trip, you have to plan it properly. Here are tips and advice for traveling with friends.

traveling with friends,girlfriend advicePreparing for the Trip

To have a successful trip, you have to prepare. Take the time out to write down everything you will need so that you will not forget something important.

  • Decide on a budget before you leave.
  • Write down the activities you plan to partake in and how much each activity costs. Factor in money for fuel, meals, hotel stays, souvenirs, and anything else you decide to spend money on.
  • You may want to consider travel health insurance in case you fall ill, and you will also need to obtain some type of auto insurance if you will be driving.

Pack your belongings as compactly as you can. Make sure you have enough clothing and personal items to last you the duration of the trip. Additionally, you should bring printed maps and have a fully charged GPS system on hand. Pack extra car chargers so you’re not stuck without communication.

On The Road

Once you get on the road, you have to make every effort to remain safe and stay on a steady path to your destination. Change drivers every few hours so the other drivers can get rest. Assign one person to map duty while the other drives.

Plan bathroom and food stops every four to five hours (NOTE: At Girlfriendology, we need to stop for potty breaks and coffee refills much more often!) Perform exercises with your travel mates during breaks to stay loose and relaxed. Listen to music, share stories, and talk about things that you have seen thus far in your travels. This is a great time to deepen existing friendships as you create memories together.

Mission Accomplished

Once you get to your destination, take it easy the first night. The next morning, bright and early, begin exploring the area. You can explore together or separately if you all have different plans and desires. Just be sure to coordinate a meeting place and stay in contact with your travel partners in case anyone’s plans change.

traveling with friends, towel artWhen exploring, remember the adage that there is safety in numbers, particularly if you are exploring an unfamiliar area. Not only will this deter potential criminals, it may even open up new adventures that you may have otherwise been unable (or unwilling) to do by yourself.

Traveling with friends can be a lot of fun if you take the right steps. Not only will you create new memories with some of the most important people in your life, you may even begin a tradition that will give you something to look forward to all year. So what’s stopping you? Get on the phone with your girlfriends and start planning!

MAIRE HUNTER loves to write, travel, and walk her Scottish Terrier, Pete.

What are your tips for traveling with girlfriends?

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