weight loss fdq“There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson, The Pickwick Papers

In the 1850s, Englishman Joseph Fry was the first person to make solid chocolate. We’re not sure why we didn’t learn about him in High School. Clearly, his invention is much more interesting and practical that learning about someone inventing the cotton gin (and we were too young to suggest cotton gin and tonics). It’s all too clear that men created the curriculum back then.
The Faux Diet Queen may not know about Joseph Fry, but she certainly knows about chocolate. Today she shares Ten Reasons Chocolate is Good. (As if we needed a list!)

I was baking for a bake sale. I find bake sales to be diet un-friendly events. It’s so easy to save a dozen (or two) cookies for “home eating,” or to cut the edges off the brownies so they look nicer (and you can’t just throw the best part of the brownie away, right?). I was bagging things right up so as to avoid finding myself back in the Great Cookie Onslaught of 2011.

“Ummm…smells good,” said The Kid hopefully.

“For the Bake Sale.”

“Can I have just one brownie?” The Kid wheedled.


“You mean, you are going to just fill up this whole house with brownie yumminess aromas, and we don’t get any? How is that fair? My nose already told my tummy there were brownies on the way! You wouldn’t want me to lie to my tummy, would you?” The Kid ranted on for a while. I ignored the rant and thought about chocolate.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like chocolate and those who don’t. Amazingly, I get along brilliantly with both types. Friends who like chocolate are fun to share dessert with. Friends who don’t care for the stuff give me their share. Ta da—win win win.

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Ten Reasons Chocolate is Good

10. The aroma of chocolate when it’s baking is pretty much as good as any other aroma on the planet. It’s almost as good as eating chocolate.

9. Good chocolate has antioxidants so it comes with a built in medical reason to eat more. Depending on which article you read, there are zillions of health reasons for eating chocolate.

8. Chocolate is one of the few food groups that can be eaten at any meal of the day.  In fact, chocolate can be eaten at pretty much any time of the day. Or night.

7. No one is offended by chocolate.

6. Chocolate is a vegetable. I know this because my mom told me. I don’t plan to argue with her, do you?

5. Chocolate is not just for sweet foods—good cocoa adds great flavor to stews, chilis, and other savory dishes.

4. Chocolate makes people smile. Chocolate makes some people quite giddy.

3. Without chocolate, we wouldn’t have M&Ms, black & white cookies, or hot fudge sundaes. Need I say more?

2. If we didn’t have chocolate, we might have to exchange artichoke hearts (instead of chocolate hearts) on Valentine’s Day. That seems just plain silly.

1. Chocolate tastes good.

Friendship Save the earth chocolateAccording to one source, American’s eat over 11 lbs of chocolate a year. Amateurs…

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How do you feel about chocolate, girlfriend?

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