5 travel accessories every girlfriend needsI travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.  ~Caskie Stinnett

Planning a girlfriend trip anytime soon? Do you make a list of things to take, or do you just throw everything in a suitcase and know that somehow or other it will all work out?

Travel writer and guest blogger NOELLA SCHINK shares some of her favorite things for women travelers to take on a trip.

There is a list a mile long of the places my best friend and I have left to go in this world, but we’ve been lucky enough to get out and travel a bit so far. As a practical lady who grew up in Maine, you’ll find my tips are always budget conscious (though my girlfriend always lets me know when an item is worth a splurge!) and frill-free, yet still stylish enough to take across the globe.

Smartwool Slippers

Merino woolI like these cozy slippers for travel because they are light, they never get smelly, and the Merino wool feels so lovely and luxurious on my tootsies. This rare wool also wicks away moisture so your toes will never get clammy. Not only are they an in-cabin flight staple, but they are also indispensable for hotel bathrooms and scuffing down the hallway to the vending machine for a bag of Fritos at 1am. Not that we would ever do that. The Fritter Free Heel is a clog style with an indoor-only felt sole, or you could opt for the Morning Ballet which doubles as an achingly cute flat that can be worn from airport to hotel check-in. My friend was so green with envy when she saw me slip a pair of these on in flight she immediately ordered her own pair!pashmina scarf, purple blanket


This is one accessory where the adage “you get what you pay for” truly applies. You can find a knock off, poly-blend wannabe for under twenty bucks at the mall kiosk, but once you feel the luxury and warmth of a real Pashmina shawl, you’ll never go back. I recommend a Pashmina/silk blend for maximum softness and sheen. If you treat yourself to one of these in a versatile color, it can triple as a scarf, plane blankie, and demure shawl when you are out for a nice night on the town or perhaps whilst on a breezy beach treating yourself to the sunset. The real ones will be made with wool from Nepal or Turkey.

Mini Farouk Chi

As I said before, I’m usually quite low maintenance (as well as low tech), but this travel-sized flat iron has come in handy so many times that I can’t leave it off the list. You know your hotel will have a hair dryer, but it will be so cheap/inadequate that you’ll need a styling tool to help you out. I know that one of the biggest treats about travel for me is the chance to hair straightener travel size“go out” in an exotic city. And though I might be wearing week old jeans and my swimsuit for a bra, I still want to look nice. I travel with my best girl friend, and we are far past the point of impressing each other with shaved legs and high heels, so we get glam in other ways. This versatile, packable tool heats to 392 degrees in about a minute and has top-notch ceramic plates that will smooth even my frizzy waves in a single pass. Even though the handle is wee, the plates are full size, so you are getting the complete Chi styling experience at about half the price and weight!

L.L Bean Medium Personal Organizer

It couldn’t get more “Mainer from Maine” than L.L Bean, but you’ll have to admit we are ontotoiletries,organizersomething up here when you check out this toiletries bag. I have looked high and low for a more sensible, sturdy bag, but nothing compares. This pouch has multiple compartments so your mini bottles don’t get jostled around, a hook, removable mirror, and even side pockets for easy access to your regulation quart baggie of liquids as you ease through airport security. As if it could get any more practical, it’s even made of material that’s easily wiped clean if your toothpaste should unfortunately explode mid-trip (definitely has happened to my friend!).

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Crossbodycross body bag

A definite indulgence, this bag is worth it because it’s made of baby-soft leather, it looks buy cymbalta online canada ever-so-chic, and will last for years. The utilitarian side of me loves it because it’s so well made, roomy, and (there’s that word again) practical. The fashionista inside me covets it for the classic look, and the leather that is seriously so soft. Every woman needs a crossbody bag for travel because it’s a hands free style, it’s more secure to your body (and therefore a pickpocket deterrent), and it will fit an in-flight magazine, spontaneously purchased souvenirs, a camera, and every other necessity women need to have with them at all times, even halfway around the world (do you really need to lug your spare glasses, hand lotion, phone charger, hair brush, and five lipsticks around Prague? No. Will you anyway? Yes). You obviously need this bag. If you are the luckiest girl in the world like me, your best friend will get it for you for your birthday, otherwise, get it for yourself—you’re worth it!

travel writer accessories

NOELLA SCHINK is a travel writer from Portland, Maine. She loves to see new places and loves Excellent Hotels for her hotels in New York, Paris, London, and beyond!

What we share on Girlfriendology is what we would Genuinely share with a girlfriendWhat are your travel necessities? What “go-to” items do always take when you leave home for a while?

Now that you’re ready to travel, why not plan a girlfriend trip? Get inspired by this girlfriend trip to the royal wedding, or don’t have time for a trip – go explore your city with a girlfriend!



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