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The word “Alaska” conjures up so many images: igloos, polar bears, mountains, rugged scenery, dog sledding, wilderness…Most of us don’t immediately think “cruise.”

Girlfriend guru and avid traveler JANET DEVITO shares her wonderful Alaska cruise adventure (and amazing whale watching video) with us–and opens up a whole new aspect of Alaska for our consideration.

As an avid and passionate traveler, when someone mentioned “Alaskan Cruise” my first thought would be “yeah yeah yeah, someday when I am older.”  For whatever reason, I associated “Alaska Cruises” with “Senior Citizens.”  Boy was I wrong!  This summer, I ventured out to the pristine “last frontier” on the Celebrity Infinity and discovered there are many myths and generalizations about Alaska Cruises.  Here are my Top Five Myths about an Alaska Cruise…

Myth #1 – “Alaska Cruises are for the Old Folks”

I admit, I did make that generalization. Alaska was definitely on my Bucket List, but I thought that it was a trip I would take in my 60s.  After boarding the Celebrity Infinity I quickly realized that I was wrong!  At the Muster Drill (lifeboat drill conducted for safety) I looked around and was very surprised to see young families, romantic young couples, singles, and seniors.  The atmosphere on the ship was energetic and adventurous.  The activities available were geared towards every age.

Myth #2 – “Alaska is a once in a lifetime vacation” Girlfriend Travel friendship

At every port of call, there were so many adventures, it was hard to choose what we wanted to do!   So many fabulous options and adventures. In Ketchikan, we kayaked after speed boating to a secluded cove. I never even considered that I would see star fish in the shallow cold beach waters. Just one of the many amazing sights. After boarding the ship, we talk to fellow ship mates and trade “what did you do today” stories, only to find ourselves saying – “I wish to done that too!”  I quickly realized that I could do the same cruise next year and do something wonderful and different at each port of call.  I WILL RETURN!

Myth #3 – “You spend so little time in your room, there is no point in getting a balcony”

We did have a balcony and it was well worth it!  Cruising Alaska is extraordinarily scenic and we didn’t want to miss a moment.  There were times after just waking up, showering for the day, or having coffee that we would run to the balcony shouting “Oh My God!  Look at that!”  A fleeting moment of a seal on an ice berg or a passing whale that we otherwise would have missed.  Sometimes we would opt to sit on the balcony and absorb the scenery, just the two of us.  We felt like we were in our own little “private Alaska.”  The balcony…worth every penny!

Myth #4 – “You need 10 days to really do it right”girlfriend traveling, girlfriend guru

For those who can’t take more than a week off for vacation, don’t let that stop you from seeing Alaska.  We went for seven days and although we had to make a few tough decisions about what to do, sharing stories at the Martini bar each night before dinner confirmed that even if we came for 14 days, we STILL wouldn’t have seen it all!  My thoughts – better to see Alaska for seven days than not see it at all!  IF you want to see more, go again!  (P.S. Longer Alaska cruises might have a bigger population of seniors due to the fact that they are retired and CAN take off for two weeks.)

Myth #5 –  “Whales, mountains, eagles, whales, mountains…. then what?”

Our first whale sighting was amazing, but the excitement didn’t stop there.  Each sighting held the same amazement…actually seeing these creatures in the wild was different each time.  We were fortunate enough to witness “bubble feeding,” a humpback whale phenomenon in Juneau.

No matter how any times a whale breached the surface, there was a collective sigh. Bald eagles, wolves, bears, mountains…breathtaking each and every time.  Much due to the incredibly entertaining and informative lectures (I would prefer to call them “shows”) given by talented, animated speaker Brent Nixon ( ) .  I HIGHLY recommend!  He piqued my interest in things I never thought possible.  He is a #1 reason to Cruise Alaska on Celebrity Cruises! The other reasons – incredible service, spa, onboard activities, dining options, and access to some of the best adventures Alaska has to offer!  So when you ask – “Then what?” The answer is “boredom is NOT an option” on a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska.

After my fantastic experience on the Celebrity Infinity, I have already rebooked the Celebrity Solstice next year.  Same itinerary. Same 7 days. Same balcony cabin.  TOTALLY different experience…and I can’t wait!

JANET DEVITO is 48 years old, happily married and just plain happy!  She always wondered what she would do when her kids were grown.  After raising five children, she decided to follow her passion for travel and friends by hosting Girls Getaway Cruises. Definitely not an “empty nester!” You can find Janet at

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