Spring DressEaster – what a great time to celebrate Spring and friendship!

Between Spring Break and Easter Sunday (with and some companies even giving Good Friday off work), it’s the perfect season to spend time with your BFFs. So, here’s our top ten ways to celebrate Spring, Easter and female friendship:

1. Go Shopping! My mother used to make us new Easter Dresses every year. (You should see the one year I had a bright orange polka-dot dress with a matching orange cape! Of course, with white gloves!!) Whether you need a new Easter dress or not, it’s still Spring and a time when we’ve forgotten what we wore last year (or perhaps our size has mysteriously changed) so a shopping trip is in order. Who better to shop with than a girlfriend who will make it fun and possibly help you find the perfect outfit(s) for Easter and Spring?!

2. Go Walking! Combine exercise and catching up by going for a long walk with a girlfriend. Explore a new neighborhood. Try a trail at a state park. Maybe even train for a mini-marathon together. I know from experience, it makes it much order strattera overnight more fun! (Plus, I have some great girlfriends from walking together – Allison, Colleen, Nancy, etc.) This actually goes along with our Book Club book for MayWildwater Walkers Club.

Spring Girlfriend Picnic3. Have a Picnic! No basket or gourmet goods required, make it as simple or fancy as you want. Plan it at a nearby park or overlooking a lake. Make it just a few friends or invite lots of girlfriends and assign foods to bring. Have a plan B in mind in case bad weather hits (maybe a home or someone’s garage with a picnic table in it!). And make sure to have a camera nearby to capture the fun friend-filled festivities!

4. Plant a Garden – Together! Nothing like sunny days and bulbs popping to get me in the mood to plant a garden. Unfortunately, my green thumb never grew so I’m desperately in need of knowledgeable girlfriends like Stephanie or Joan for girlfriend garden advice. But what would make it even more fun is if we were to plant our gardens together – I’d go help her plant a garden at her house and then she’d come help me plant at my house. Plant a garden with your girlfriend and you can combine trips to the nursery or garden center, learn more about gardening together and perhaps even split some flats of your favorite florals. Check out local gardening classes to attend together. If you don’t have space for a garden, try container gardens and search for a community garden in your neighborhood. You’ll probably even make more friends when you share dirt and growing things together!

5. Take a Bike Ride Together! Remember meeting a girlfriend for a bike ride when you were a kid? It was such a wonderful part of experiencing the freedom to go places on your own but still be with your BFF. Exploring by bicycle is still fun – and best when shared with a friend. Find a park, ride around the lake, explore the neighborhood all while exercising and laughing together. Relive those memories from your youth that always make you smile – like riding along with a friend!Spring Cleaning Gloves

6. Spring cleaning – again, together! I love the concept and feeling of a very clean home, just not the actual process. Same for you? Why not swap hours with a girlfriend to clean your homes together? Make a list of projects, set a time limit, gather gloves and supplies, then crank up your favorite music and get to it! Washing windows, putting the screens back in, painting, changing closets over from Winter to Spring clothes – whatever needs to be done – Spring cleaning is much more fun together. The home hostess should have a treat or two for taking breaks and when the time is up, stop! Then, the following day or weekend, go to the other girlfriend’s home. You’ll get some spring cleaning and projects completed AND have a great time together.

7. Have a Girlfriend Spring Clothing Swap! I just dug my Spring/Summer clothes out and don’t remember what I used to wear! Plus, my clothes seem to have shrunk a bit – yours? d-: Why not get the girls together (and invite friends of friends) for a clothing swap? Find a place, decide the date and guidelines (what types of clothes, accessories or not, etc.) and then send out an eVite (this one has and invite and info for clothing swaps). Get rid of those snug sweaters or jewelry that you don’t seem to seam any more but would look awesome on a friend. (Lots of info online – check out some of the above links.) Declutter,shop and hang out with your girlfriends – sounds like a great day!
Godiva Chocolate Basket
8. Who says Easter Baskets are only for kids? Chocolate, peeps and more chocolate!! Yum! Surprise your favorite chocolate-loving girlfriend(s) with an Easter Basket on her doorstep filled with her favorite treats. Leave a card with a thoughtful note and know that you’re doing something sweet for her. Plus, recent studies have said that chocolate may lower blood pressure so you’re really just helping her be healthy, right? (Plus, I found a great Easter Basket treat for cycle-lovers!) Is she on a diet or not a big chocolate fan? Leave her a spring plant or bouquet of flowers. Brighten her day with both your gift and your thoughtfulness!

9. Invite her over for Dinner! When was the last time you invited a girlfriend over for dinner? Eating together is a wonderful way to reconnect and spend time with each other. It doesn’t have to gourmet or have multiple course – just keep it casual and calm. Bonus points for making something that you know she loves!  (If your family has a big Easter dinner, invite a friend who might not have plans to join you. I find that families get along better when there are ‘outsiders’ around! Or is that just my family?!)

10. Celebrate Girlfriends and Spring together! What things do you both enjoy doing? Manicures and pedicures? Scrapbooking or knitting? Yoga or pilates? Just get out of your winter hibernation mode and spend time together. Even if it means going to a movie together or sitting outside on a blanket reading books but not talking, it’s still the fun things we do with our girlfriends that make us happy. it’s that way that we can connect and enjoy each other’s friendship. It’s the blessing of Spring and friendship – the renewal of life and the connection of true friends. Enjoy Spring and Girlfriends – girlfriend!

What are YOU doing to celebrate Spring and your girlfriends?

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