Friends accept youDay 0 of an amazing Month of Friendship!

I love the anticipation of special moments. Presents to open, laughs to share, smiles to greet me and arms open to hug. I embrace the hope of good things to come. New friends and the lessons they’ll teach me, trust that my true friends will be in my life for a long, long time and hope for cures for my friends’ cancers (we’ve got to have hope, right?).

As a friend, I want only the best for my friends and love knowing they wish the same for me. As a friend, I want to accompany them on this journey through life – through the highs and lows, around scary corners if necessary and into the light of knowing that together we can make it. Together we can do amazing, wonderful things. Together we can help each other reach our dreams, be better people and live our lives with purpose and joy.

That’s what friendship is about. That’s our goal at Girlfriendology – to inspire you to be a better friend, to share and appreciate those special moments, and to celebrate the friends who are family and family who are friends.

That’s the basis of our celebration of September as a Month of Friendship. We want to inspire, challenge, share and connect … women with old friends, new friends, trusted, caring friends, friends who share our sense of humor and cry our tears, friends we’ll make memories with for the rest of our lives. We want this to be the start of new friendships, the month where girlfriend groups connect and launch, where you and your BFF start new traditions of staying in touch and where you reach out to someone who needs a friend.

On Girlfriendology in the coming month, we’ll share 30 Days and 30 Ways to Celebrate your Friends – little things you can do to build into these friendships, enjoy time together, make memories with your fabulous female friends. Some come back every day and share your thoughts in the comments and on our Facebook page.

friends, friendshipThis week’s Girlfriend Shopping – You know how gifts from a girlfriend usually are your favorite?! How friends know what you’d love but possibly wouldn’t buy for yourself? We’ve got THOSE girlfriend gifts – great gifts and ways to make her friend as special as her friendship is to you.

And to end this little update, we all need some inspiration. This is our most popular ‘”Liked” quote on our Girlfriendology Facebook page for the previous week:

“A friend is: a push when you’ve stopped. A word when you’re lonely. A guide when you’re searching. A smile when you’re sad. A song when you’re glad. A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future & accepts you today, just the way you are.”

(from ‘Friendship is a Blessing‘ book)