girlfriendsFunny how a little text from a girlfriend can change your whole day, or night, or life. Funny how girlfriends can be there for you for just a text, a conversation or even a secret.

“Drinks tonight on the porch?”

Since I moved from my beloved neighborhood (filled with memories, girlfriends and an awesome book club), I haven’t seen my across-the-street BFF for months. Our frequent chats on life, or the trash schedule, or watering each others’ plants … haven’t been the same since a few miles separates us. 

But I got the text and fortunately I was in town and was open for tonight. So we met, we talked, we caught up – we even invited other neighborhood girlfriends to join us. We told updates of joy and extreme sadness (I’m so sorry J for the sadness of your deep, DEEP loss! I’m so thankful A for making the effort to stay in touch, to keep our friendship connected, to share your snacks with my snacks to make a perfect dinner.) We shared our lives.

In the sweetness of FRIENDSHIP let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Khalil Gibran
Khalil Gibran was right. There is something about the sweetness of friendship, the laughter, sharing our lives, that refreshes us. There’s something about sharing things with girlfriends that we could never divulge to anyone else.
That got me thinking … About other girlfriendships and the privilege of sharing life – the highs and lows, as well as the secrets that we only trust with our BFFs. I’m so thankful for the wonderful women in my life who share this honestly and trust.

Are you like me?  Who are the women in your life that you only share the following with – or do you dare?!

1. The girlfriends I share the low points of my life. I’m thankful for my best friends who care enough about me to see me through the tough things life hands me and all of us. They buy real lexapro have faith in me when others don’t. They trust me, believe in my, support me. Like my girlfriend C who I made cry this weekend (and she did me to me) when I shared that I would go to the ends of the world for her – she’s been there for me. I’m so thankful for her and the blessing of girlfriends.
2. The best friends who share my past – and I know will be there in my future. Like B who I’ve known since my freshman year of college, who invites me to be part of her life and her family. We are sisters. We share a past and we share life. I’m forever grateful.
3. The wonderful women with whom I share my dreams. Other bloggers who support each other. Like my friend B and the group she started for other bloggers to be successful and the support she offers us (and we all offer each other). Dreams are very personal and vital to our happiness. I’m so grateful I have wonderful women in my life who inspire me and believe in me.
4. Last, but definitely not least, the special friends who share secrets – From how much money I make to what my goals are, from my hopes and fears to my relationships – and those hopes and fears, from confessions of embarrassing moments to tips on sex toys, I ONLY trust my girlfriends. I bring up the sex toys comment because I have a special BFF with whom we have no secrets – we talk about pretty much everything. I got a message from her one day that said: ‘Never buy a vibrator with your American Express. They called – a guy – to confirm it was my purchase!’ Wise advice, right?! ONLY from a girlfriend, RIGHT?!

I’m so thankful for my girlfriends. Aren’t you? What things do you share with only your BFFs?

Life is too short girlfriends. Be a better friend. Live life together. Share life. Be the friend you’d love to have!