friendship gratitude girlfriend giftsIf money was no object, what would you give your friends for your holiday  / Christmas / Hanukkah gift?

Would you give her jewelry? A car or house? A trip or girlfriend cruise? A signed copy of her favorite author’s best seller? A case of wine she loves or cheery flowers every week for a year? Would you give her a nanny or cleaning service? What would you give her to show her how much your friendship meant to her?

I can’t think of any gift better than the gift of friendship. The honor of spending part of our lives together, the joy of feeling so close to someone that we can live across the country and still be the best of friends. The comfort of BFFs where silence is fine and so is loud laughter or even happy or sad tears.

The holidays get hectic. They’re just crazy busy and, TBH, they’re stressful. There’s no time like the holidays actually to NEED YOUR FRIENDS. Being with our friends lowers our stress. Spending time with girlfriends eases our stress and brings us back to who we really are.

So, if money was no object … I’d give you each (& me) time with our girlfriends. The amazing gift of making and sharing memories. The joy that comes from being with people who know and love us completely. The peaceful feeling of comfort and joy of spending time with amazing people who bless our lives with their friends. I’d give it, and welcome it as a gift in return. The reason for the season – being with the people we love – and appreciating every second of having them in our lives. That’s a gift.

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