Friendship Olympics, friendship quoteIn the Olympics of Friendship, who of your Friends would win the Gold? And would you qualify?

Have you caught Olympics fever? Are you glued to the TV watching the best athletes of the world compete? It’s inspiring – isn’t it?

In the world of female friendship, who are your award-worthy friends? Who would score points for loyalty, support, kindness and caring? Who would you put on the awards podium?

For me, and I hope for you, there are so women in my life who deserve acknowledgement and recognition. Amazing women who are/have been there for me when I was “behind in the race, losing the competition, or basically being short of my dreams.” Girlfriends who believed in my goals, even when I couldn’t see the ‘finish line.’

The Olympics of Friendship quoteThink about your ‘award-winning’ girlfriends. Show them some Girlfriend Gratitude. Thank them for their support, for pushing you when you needed it, for believing in you. Maybe even have an ‘awards ceremony’ of your fab friends. Celebrate their role in your world. Show them that they’re winners in your book. Gold award friends – can’t imagine my life without mine!

Some great, inspiring Olympics quotes:

“When anyone tells me I can’t do anything, I’m just not listening anymore.”  Florence Griffith Joyner (1988 Summer Olympics)

“No matter what accomplishments you make in life, somebody helps you.”  Wilma Rudoph (1960 Summer Olympics)


Friendship What Women Want, Infographic,GirlfriendologyFor Brands and Businesses: What do Women Want?

Well, aside from fabulous, affordable and comfortable (stylish) shoes, we tell all in this awesome (aka: buy proscar ireland COOL!) Infographic on What Women Want.


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