5 Places to Find a BFF …

How to find a BFF, true friendship quoteWe bonded at work. Both relatively new to the company, we found ourselves in some conversation that lead to sharing that we had no BIG plans for the weekend. That resulted in making plans together to meet at her condo pool, laughter over our silly attempt at synchronized swimming, and ended up being a 20+ year BFF-ship.*

I wasn’t looking for a BFF. I was just looking for something to do that weekend. It proves the fact that an ‘Accidental BFF’ can be found almost anywhere, even when you’re not looking for one. And that that BFF who ‘accidentally’ came into your life, would be there for the rest of your life.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

If you feel unfriendable or struggle with finding and keeping quality friendships, we’re here to help. (After all, we’re all about inspiring women to be better friends!) So, here’s our list for finding a BFF – 5 Places to Find New Friends.

1. At work – Really. We spend our days together. Hopefully, somewhere in our office or team, or even the vendors, partners or clients, are women that ‘get’ us – who laugh at our jokes, watch the same TV shows, share common hobbies.Why not make a little effort of getting to know each other a little better? Do lunch. Meet after work for a walk or the other women a wine. Ask her about her weekend (non-work ‘stuff’). Added bonus: you’ll not only get friends for outside of work hours but you’ll get to spend your days with a friend only a cube or call away to make your job more fun and friend-filled! (Check out 5 Tips to Being a Great Girlfriend CoWorker and Can You Work With Your Girlfriends?)

2. At Play – What hobbies do you have? Knitting? Reading? Cooking? Join a knitting group, a Book Club or taking a cooking class. You already have something you love in common, which is makes it really easy to talk about your hobby/passion but also your life. Share your hobbies, share your lives.

3. Nearby – Have a new neighbor? Welcome her with a plant and conversation. See a woman walking her dog in the neighborhood? Say HI. Ask about her dog. Notice a woman asking about the neighborhood in the local coffee shop? Be friendly. Ask her if she’s new or for local restaurant recommendations. It’s the wonderful part of neighborhoods – neighbors! Especially those who become more than neighbors, who become BFFs.

4. Online, again – Really! Social media is about being SOCIAL. We share our lives in updates, 140 characters, through Instagram and Pinterest. And somewhere between the posts and pins, we often find others with whom we have things in common – for example, we’re both bloggers, or we’re both foodies  or gluten-free. Countless BFFs have come from blogs (and blogger conferences/communities). Amazing friendships have formed over images that have brought us together. Don’t let the physical distance keep your friendship from getting close. It’s a great way to meet new friends!

5. Accidentally – Life puts us in new situations and conversations every single day. It might be sitting next to someone on the bus or at the dentist office. It could be the bank customer service rep or in the grocery store looking for a specific item. We come across people frequently and, if we’re open to it, we might find a friend among strangers. A smile. Friendly face. Kindness to strangers can result in an unlikely and unforgettable friendship. (And be open to ‘strange friends‘ – women who are different than you!)

Maybe these friendships are ‘accidents,’ but I tend think not. Often we unconsciously know that we need a special person to fill a void in our life. We are looking for a common bond, a special connection, a shared interest in getting to know someone better. That’s all it takes to find a new friend, or even an accidental BFF.

How did your BFF(s) come into your life? Where did you meet your girlfriends? Share in the comments and inspire!

* and THANKS CATH for the amazing gift of your BFF friendship! And I’ll still synchronize swim with you anytime!


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