Practice Thanksgiving“The way anything is developed, is through practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice and more practice.”
Joyce Meyer

Every Thursday we celebrate what we call ‘Thankful Thursday.’ It’s a time each week where we like to stop and focus on gratitude and especially gratitude for girlfriends. This week, we’re celebrating November and this month of Thanksgiving. What does ‘practice’ have to do with Thankful Thursday? Read and find out!

A woman walks up to a street musician in New York City and asks: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The musician answers, “Practice.”

Mention the word “practice” and almost sure to get groans from kids asked to play never-ending piano scales, athletes running endless drills, or salespeople rehearsing their can’t miss sales presentation for the umpteenth time.

The simple truth is, there is no success, without practice. Practice means continually learning from personal experience, from repeating the same right things over and over again. Nothing is ever perfect, so keep practicing.

So today is a Thursday. A Thursday in November. No, it’s not THE Thursday in November, yet, and that’s good. That means we still have time to practice – Thanksgiving.

I’m not talking about practicing culinary crafts or eating or watching football or napping after the big meal. I’m talking about practicing Thanksgiving as in practicing giving thanks, as in showing special gratitude for anything and everything and everyone involved in this special celebration.

Practice now and there’s no reason to be put on the spot sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day when the question comes up: “What are you most thankful for?”

You’ll be ready. Because you practiced now.

Put yourself in an attitude of gratitudeThink today, right now. What were you most grateful for? How might you share that story? Go ahead, practice. Actively, purposely and willingly think of how you will show a little thankfulness, a little gratitude throughout the event. Refine in your mind, how you’re going to make this occasion special for everyone. Put yourself in an attitude of gratitude, then practice your ways of showing gratitude in everything that you do.

Think in detail of how this Thanksgiving will go, envision it in your mind. Play it out, the people you’ll be interacting with, the conversations you’ll have, the opportunities that will present themselves for you to show your gratitude. You might plan something to show gratitude for everyone on your Thanksgiving list. Envision what may happen and plan for it, make it memorable and special, and work through over or around any obstacles (we know buy cheap generic zithromax there’s always the chance) weeks before you encounter them.

If you ask anyone who is really good at anything how they became so, they will say, practice. Practice will reveal what you’re good at, and make you better.

November is the perfect month to focus on giving thanks and showing gratitude. So fall in love with your practice, and practice today so that your Thanksgiving gratitude performance is perfection.
No groans, girlfriend. Practice.

We’re thankful, not just on Thursdays, but every day, for your time and support. Thanks for allowing Girlfriendology into your day. We hope it makes you more grateful of your girlfriends and reminds you that the important things in life aren’t things.

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