girlfriend guru,finding time with friendsA perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.
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Happy SUMMER Girlfriends! It’s a perfect time of year to spend time with the favorite female friends in your life. Thanks to Girlfriend Guru ARLETT R HARTIE for sharing these 10 Joyful Things to do with your Girlfriends this Summer:

It’s June!  Summer is here! Days are longer.  Kids are off from school or soon will be.  I don’t know about you but I’m kind of excited!  🙂  This is the fun time of year.  One thing I know for sure is I do not want to waste it.  I want to get out and have a ball with my girlfriends.

Here is my list of 10 Joyful Things To Do With Your Girlfriends This Summer.

Go to the Beach! This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the summer.  Pack a cooler, grab a beach umbrella and a towel, and go down the shore (that’s what we say in Philly). Just remember your sunscreen.

Visit your local zoo. Choose a day that is sunny but not too hot because you’ll likely do a lot of walking.  Check out the lions, tigers, and bears.  And don’t be squeamish; spend a little time in the reptile house—it’s usually a bit cooler in there.

On a day when it is really too hot to be out, go to the movies.  Soak up some AC and have popcorn for dinner.  Or, if you’re lucky enough, maybe your town will have movie showings at sunset for whoever wants to come out.

Another good idea for a really hot day is to hit the museum.  Take in a little culture and get in a little exercise walking from exhibit to exhibit.

Hit up an amusement or water park.  Become a kid again.  Play games. Run from ride to ride. Indulge in dipping dots and funnel cake, the true foods of summer.Chasing Joy, Arlett R Hartie

Go on a girlfriend getaway.  Plan a vacation.  Long or short, a few days away is a good way to reset.  Get away buy phentermine 37.5 online from the normal trials of life and enjoy new surroundings.  Maybe even head to Jamaica!  No Worries Mon!

Take it to the streets and go to one of the cultural festivals common during the summer in most major cities.  Patronize the street vendors.   Checkout all of the ethnic art and crafts.  Try new foods.

Outdoor concerts are another option for summer nights.  Whether it’s classical, R & B, or Rock there is likely an outdoor venue with a full summer line up in your neck of the woods.

Go out to eat. Literally eat outside at a restaurant.  Just pick one with a nice view that is far enough away from pedestrian traffic so that you can eat comfortably but close enough for some good people watching.

Go visit an out-of-town girlfriend. Embrace that sense of freedom that summer time gives us and pack a bag.  Go see that girlfriend that you usually only see on Facebook or Skype.

We have no excuses now Girlfriends.  If we only make it through half of this list we should have a pretty good summer.  If we make it through them all it’ll be a downright Joyful one.

What is on your list of Joyful Things to Do With Your Girlfriends This Summer?

ARLETT R HARTIE is the author of the blog Chasing Joy. Arlett’s writing focuses on her efforts to find happiness after a rough time in her life, and hold on to it through all of life’s ups and downs.  She writes about all things related to joy, positivity, and gratitude.  She is a daughter, sister, auntie, and Girlfriend.

Girlfriendology a perfect summer day, friendship quoteWhat’s on your summer fun list girlfriend?

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