Tips for planning a Surprise PartyPlanning a surprise party is never an easy task. Girlfriend Birthday Surprise party, planning a surprise congratulations party (for a new job, new home, happy milestone like making it through chemo), or a surprise party just to celebrate a wonderful woman – it’s tough to be the party planner for a surprise party! That’s where great girlfriend advice (aka: what follows!) is needed!

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us. Ashley Montagu

Surprise Party planning requires stealth-like skills akin to a Ninja spy, tons of planning and organization know-how and a whole lot of luck. What makes it all worthwhile is when that door opens, everyone shouts on cue, “Surprise!” and the party girl melts into a puddle of complete, taken off guard, HAPPINESS. Are you up for the challenge of surprising your favorite party gal? With these helpful tips on surprise party planning, it will be cinch!Surprise party planning

9 Tips To Plan A Great Surprise Party

Shhhhhh! Don’t Say A Word – First rule of thumb is to not spill the beans. It sounds obvious to not tell the party girl about her surprise, but trust me – It can be the most difficult. Even if you don’t blurt it out to tell all, little hints often slip out unaware that give it away.

Give Clear Instructions in the Invitation – One of the biggest obstacles is trusting the guests to join you in cahoots with zipping their lips so as not to give away the surprise. Make it understood by the surprise party invitations that the party is a surprise and not to leak a word of it to the party guest of honor. Give brief, precise instructions of how to RSVP, what time to arrive, and where to park so as not to spoil the surprise on the day of the party. Assign the arrival time at least a half hour before the guest of honor is set to arrive. Ask RSVPs to come to a designated cell phone, text, or email that won’t be seen by the guest of honor.

Make a Pact with One or Two Select Helpers – Select someone who knows how to keep a secret to help devise a plan for getting the guest of honor to show up at the right place and on time for the surprise. Your best shot at keeping the RSVPs secret is to ask a friend or relative who doesn’t live with the one you want to surprise for help with answering and keeping track of the RSVPs in top secret. Since she doesn’t live in the same house, it’s a great place to also store surprise party supplies.

Make a Plan – The party is not a party if the guest of honor fails to show up. To pull off a great surprise, it’s going to take at least two good bluffers. Have one in charge of the guest of honor and the other stationed at the party to keep track of and entertain guests until the big moment of surprise. Plan a believable diversion such as going out for dinner and timing it to show up at the designated time. Make sure whatever scheme you devise to get the guest of honor there on time is as natural as possible so she doesn’t start to get suspicious. Use a special ring tone, or put your phone on vibrate to keep in constant, unsuspecting communication with the people at the party spot.

Timing is Everything – Don’t give away the surprise by fumbling the big arrival. Throw the surprise party on a day other than the actual birthday or celebration day, or host a smaller party beforehand to throw the guest of honor for a loop thinking that her big day was thought of and remembered without cluing into the real big surprise event.

Keep Decorations Under Wraps – This is one time you don’t want to alert party guests of the proper house with a balloon tied to the mailbox. Surprise party decorations are half the fun of throwing a party, but when it comes to pulling off a surprise, it’s better that they are kept to a minimum. At very least, be sure they are not visible at all from outside looking in.

Dress and Parking Details – Think ahead and set a dress code that will be in line with what the guest of honor will be wearing so the surprise doesn’t end up being guests dressed to the hilt only to turn a pleasant surprise moment into an awkward embarrassment when the guest of honor shows up in sweats. Parking is another detail that can blow the whole plan. If the party is at someone’s house, have guests park around the corner or at a nearby lot to avoid an obvious clue of several cars in front of the house, especially if the guest of honor is familiar with some of the guests’ cars.

Say Cheese – Don’t go to the trouble of making the perfect surprise party and then forget to arrange to snap a picture at the perfect time or to get video of the moment the surprise is revealed. Get ready to capture the moment of surprise by hiring a professional photographer or asking one friend to photograph the surprised look on her face as soon as the happy moment is revealed with the door opening and everyone shouting, “Surprise!”.

Relax and Enjoy the Party – Even if you follow the best-laid plan to a tee, sometimes the guest of honor is very clever or some glitch gets in the way and your cover is blown. You’ve done all you can do to make a surprise come off without a hitch, but just in case your special guest is very clever and figures it out, the thought and work behind putting on the best party will be appreciated. You’ve put your heart and soul into this amazing moment, so relax and enjoy the party!

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