Be there for a Friend after Surgery

Be there for a Friend after Surgery

Recovery IS a process and it takes time. Sometimes that’s hard to accept after surgery.

We’re all about being supportive friends here at Girlfriendology. We’ve shared how to be there for a friend who lost a parent, or pet, or job. But what happens when a friend has surgery? How can we be a better girlfriend to a friend after surgery? Here’s some girlfriend advice on:

5 ways to support a Friend after Surgery

  1. Make Time to Be There – On the day of the surgery, make yourself available to take her to surgery, if she needs you. You also want to be there after the surgery so that when she gets rolled into the room, she sees a familiar face. Just taking the time to be there for her throughout the process can mean so much to her. Even if it’s just to give her a ride home and tuck her in bed before the pain killers kick in, make yourself available to her. She’ll really appreciate it!
  1. Create a ‘Get Well Gift Basket – A gift basket that has the items she’ll need after surgery can mean so much to her! While each surgery is different and requires different recovery methods, there are items that are perfect for each gift basket. Books, magazines, puzzle books, adult coloring books, and other things to keep the brain occupied are always a good choice. You might also want to include items that will help her feel pampered, such as lotion, fuzzy socks, nail polish, etc.
  1. Stop by Just to Clean – No one feels like keeping things clean after surgery. Stopping by on your way home from work to throw some dishes in the dishwasher and change the bedding can mean so much to your friend.  It’s these little things that tell her how much you care. She’ll also be able to rest better not worrying about the house being a mess. (Also, change the cat box or walk the dog – don’t forget her pets!)
  1. Have Girls’ Night In – Girls’ night doesn’t have to end because she’s stuck at home. In fact, stopping by with some good movies can be a great way to get her mind off the fact that she’s stuck in bed recovering. Who cares if she falls asleep during the best part?! All that matters is that she’s able to take her mind off the recovery and hopefully enjoy some laughs with you and her BFFs. (And for ideas – here’s our popular list of 100+ Chick Flicks!)
  1. Take Her to Follow-up Appointments – Depending on the type of surgery, there’s a good chance your girlfriend will want someone to be with her for any follow-up appointments. Even if you’re just there to hold her hand during the scary conversations she has with her doctor, it can mean so much. It also helps to have a sounding board after the visits to determine where she needs to go from there.

Friendship is about being there when someone needs you most. The recovery period after a surgery can be so difficult. It’s emotional, painful, and can be really hard on someone. Take the time to step up for your friend so that she has someone in her corner during this difficult time.

It’s totally true: Recover IS a process. It takes time. It takes patience. And it definitely takes FRIENDS. Be a better friend! Be there for your girlfriend after surgery!

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That’s why we’re here – to inspire you to BE A BETTER FRIEND – even, and especially, when life hands you or a girlfriend tough situations.

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