Celebrate Summer and Friends with 34 Summer Gifts for Girlfriends + 34 Reasons to Celebrate!34 Summer Gifts for Women

It’s (hopefully!) too nice outside to go to a mall or spend time inside shopping, so we’ve done the shopping for you! Here are 34 gifts for June birthdays, July birthdays, and August Birthdays – or June, July, August ‘just because you’re my BFF’ gifts! From flowers to jewelry, home decor to beach inspired gifts. Need a reason to celebrate? Give gifts?

Here’s 34 Reasons to Celebrate your Friends this summer!

      1. Memorial Day – the beginning of summer, YEAH!
      2. June 2nd – National Leave the Office Early Day – Call up a girlfriend for happy hour or an afternoon walk.
      3. First Sunday in June – Celebrate Cancer Survivors – Unfortunately too many of us have friends who have gone through cancer. Let’s celebrate them and their friendship!
      4. First Friday in June – National Donut Day – You know just the girlfriend to surprise with a donut, don’t you?!
      5. June 7th – National Chocolate Ice Cream day – YUM!
      6. June 8th – National Best Friend’s Day – OH YEAH! We’ve got a bunch of ideas for National Best Friends Day!
      7. June 10th – National Iced Tea Day – invite her over for some tea!
      8. June 14th – Flag Day. Make or buy a friendship flag to celebrate!
      9. June 18th – National Splurge Day – go shopping together!
      10. June 20th – Summer Solstice – longest day of the year, lots of time to spend with your BFF!
      11. June 30th – National Social Media Day – Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat you and your friends – all day!
      12. July 1st – Canada Day! Celebrate our northern neighbors with poutine (or go on a trip to Canada with her!)
      13. July 4th – Celebrate our Nation’s Independence with a red, white and blue celebration with friends!
      14. July 7th – Oh yea. You’re gonna need to splurge with a girlfriend. It’s National Chocolate Day!
      15. July 10th – National Pina Colada Day – Sweet! Celebrate with your fave frozen-drink-friends! (Followed up by July 11th – National Mojito Day! or July 19th – National Daiquiri Day!)
      16. July 13th – National French Fries Day – I have a tradition of having french fries every time my BFF Julie and I are together. Start a tradition with your girlfriends!
      17. July 13th – Embrace your Geekiness Day. Celebrate your geeky friends today! Watch ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ together!
      18. July 17th – National Ice Cream Day – Take her out for a nice, cold treat! (Calories don’t count when you’re with your BFFs!)
      19. July 24th – National Cousin’s Day – Friends with a cousin? Celebrate family who are also friends!
      20. July 29th – National Lasagna Day – Celebrate with a fabulous, friend-filled meal!
      21. July 30th – National Cheesecake Day – Not a good week to be dieting, just FYI 🙂
      22. August 3rd – National Watermelon Day – Another yummy summer celebration!
      23. August 7th – Friendship Day – Make her feel as special as her friendship is to you!
      24. First Sunday in August – National Sisters Day – Is your sister your BFF? Celebrate her and your friendship!
      25. August 9th – National Book Lovers Day – Celebrate with your book club or your book loving BFFs!
      26. August 10th – National S’mores Day – Bonfire anyone?
      27. August 13th – National Left-handers Day – Any left-handed girlfriends?
      28. August 15th – National Relaxation Day – Friends make me feel relaxed. How about you? Invite them over to test the theory.
      29. Second Saturday in August – National Garage Sale Day – You know just the girlfriend(s) to call, don’t you? 🙂
      30. August 19th – National Women’s Day – Let’s all celebrate friendship and being females!
      31. August 25th – Kiss and Make Up Day – aka: Forgive a Friend day. (But you don’t have to wait all day for this to happen!)
      32. August 26th – National Dog Day – Grab the pups and your dog-loving girlfriends and hit the dog park for a furbulous day!
      33. August 26th – Women’s Equality Day. Celebrate how far we’ve come (& plot how to help it continue to grow!).
      34. August 27th – National Just Because Day – Just because she’s your BFF, make it a celebration!

Here are gifts for women for your summer birthdays and celebration!

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