knitting, crafts for friends, girlfriend get togethersI like making a piece of string into something I can wear.  ~Author Unknown

After serious scientific research (I asked the dog for his opinion), I’ve decided that there are several different kinds of knitters. There are those that want to be knitters but have never learned (this is a great blog for you). There are those who are happy to be around knitters so long as no one actually asks them to pick up a piece of yarn (you too, keep reading). There are those of us who can manage a straight row–sort of (this is such a good blog for you). There are those of us who plunge recklessly into projects that somehow never seem to get finished (read on, girlfriend). And there are those who create absolutely gorgeous knitted items that are eagerly pounced upon by pretty much everyone (definitely a blog for you!).

Girlfriend and guest blogger ASHLEY ENERIZ shares some great ideas for starting a knitting club. No matter what category of knitter you are, a knitting club can be a great way to bring girlfriends together. And who knows, maybe even finish a project.

Knitting is definitely not just a craft for grandmas anymore. Knitting popularity has spread down to kids, teens, and even men! If you have a passion for knitting, then why not start a club with others who are just equally as passionate? Starting a knitting club is a great way to get your gab session in with your girlfriends, and you get something done. That is why women are so great – we can multitask everything!

Start a Girlfriend Knitting ClubBenefits of a Knitting Club

Starting a knitting club is a great opportunity for you to connect with others on a social level.

  • When I had started a knitting club a few years back, I made many new friends through my knitting club.
  • Even though you know how to knit, you might run into someone who is better than you that can teach you a new trick.
  • Also, another benefit for me when I started the club was teaching people how to knit. It was a great experience to be able to help others learn something new.
  • It is the perfect way to power through your Christmas list.
  • You can also donate your creations to families in need.
  • It is proven that getting together with girlfriends often helps women become better cleaners of the kitchen while improving their cooking skills (scientists are still trying to prove this study through intensive research).

Where to Get Members: Start with your girlfriends, even the ones that do not know how to knit. Everyone can be taught. Announce your club at your church or local mom’s groups too. It is good to get about 5-10 members; any more buy xanax on line could be a little overwhelming.

How to Get Started: Announce the club wherever you want the members to come from. You can announce orally or just post up flyers and signs. Be sure to have a meeting space arranged and number where they can sign up. Also include any fees they may need for snacks or materials. The best clubs usually meet once a week to once every other week. This keeps the club flowing, without stepping on everyone’s toes for time. Everyone should bring her own yarn and needles. However, I must add that I started my knitting club for charity and local businesses and individuals were kind enough to donate yarn and needles. All I had to do was ask.

A Lively Club: If you decided to start a club where not everyone knows each other, be helpful in breaking the ice and encouraging people to connect. As the club starter, you are also the club hostess. It is your job to get the club going. To break the ice, you can all start to talk about your funny experiences of just beginning to knit or something you all have common ground. If you have trouble finding a common ground, try starting off with a quick game before knitting. Keep their mouths busy with yummy snacks or conversation, their hands busy with knitting, and their ears busy with either music or more conversation.

Knitting is a great way to connect with girlfriends. Since your hands do all the work almost without any thought behind it, you can talk or even watch a movie while knitting up a storm.

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