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Mother’s Day is obviously a special day for families, but wouldn’t it be nice to do something that’s just for you?
Spending Mother’s Day with girlfriends can be a great way to unwind and do something that pampers your body and soul. It can also be a great way to empty nest mothers to enjoy the day without dwelling on the fact that their children have moved on.

And … one of the benefits of female friendship is that girlfriends reduce our stress. Wouldn’t a less-stressed mom be a great gift back to your family?! (And, living longer, being happier, healthier and feeling more beautiful are also great gifts to give a mom – more of the benefits of female friendship!)

As Oprah wisely said: “Biology is the least of what makes someone a Mother.” Don’t forget to celebrate with non-moms – women with no biological children. We all have special people in our lives that we mother and tend for, let’s include all our caring girlfriends no matter what their child-bearing status! And, don’t forget to include and be sensitive to their pain, but remember to invite women who may have lost their mom or have a distant relationship.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate Mother’s Day with Girlfriends:

When to Get Together – First of all, understand that this doesn’t mean you need to spend time away from your family on Mother’s Day. You could get together with friends that are moms on Saturday or even Friday. The time doesn’t really matter. The important thing is you’re getting together with people that understand what you really want to do during this special day. You don’t want your family to feel left out or to miss out on those special moments with your little ones, but it’s nice to spend some time just being pampered.

How to Celebrate – You might start out with a nice brunch at your favorite restaurant followed by a day at the spa or just an afternoon of talking. You could also spend the day shopping, getting your nails done, or even spend the night dancing. The key is to choose something you all love. It should be a celebration of motherhood and a celebration of being a woman in general. Just be sure you’re ready for that early morning brunch with your little ones.

When the Kids Are Gone – This is something that girlfriends who have children that have moved away should definitely do. Instead of sitting home feeling those empty nest moments, get out and enjoy the day. Chances are you’ll speak to your children on the phone sometimes throughout the day, but the rest of the day should be all about you and not letting the day get you down.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to spend with family, but it’s a time to also devote to yourself. You’ve worked hard as a mother, why not do something you truly enjoy with your girlfriends? Whether it’s brunch or a day at the spa, pampering your body and soul should be a must. This is also a great way for empty nest mothers or non-moms to enjoy the day without letting it get them down.

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We love Moms and Non-Moms!

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