Friendship-Girlfriendology-Guide-to-Holiday-Girlfriend-Advice free ebookSure it’s the ‘hectic holidays’ but did you know that spending time with your girlfriends REDUCES your stress level. You actually NEED to spend time with friends – during the holidays and throughout the year.

Thankfully we’ve got some great girlfriend advice on how to spend time with our friends over the holidays – thanks to girlfriend JACQUELINE CROMWELL.

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Spend Time with your Friends at the Holidays

Ok, first off let us admit the truth. The holidays, while absolutely wonderful, can be extremely stressful. And when life is crazy and stressful is also when we need to spend time without girlfriends the most! But it seems this is the time of year when we see our girlfriends the least because the last thing we need is one more obligation or event to prepare for. Well, girlfriend time during the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful or just another time obligation on your plate. It can be a time of respite, productivity and joy!

I like to start off the season with a fun and relaxed girls’ lunch out! And to many of us, the start of the Christmas/Hanukkah is Black Friday. I admit that I am one of the crazy people who goes out on Black Friday but I am not there when the stores open. Honestly, I have no interest in shopping with friends on Black Friday because I have a list and I am on a mission. But I still want to have some girl time!

So last year my girlfriend Sue and I decided to start meeting for lunch on Black Friday! I know, you think the restaurants would be crazy but not necessarily. If you go into a place like Chevys, for example, at 11:30 they are just about empty! And this isn’t just for the girls who are out shopping! Anyone who wants to take a break from the cleaning, decorating, escape the football or needs to vent about their family Thanksgiving can enjoy a girls’ lunch! I am keeping it super stress free by making a Facebook event and opening it to everyone. If they want to come they just show up! How stress free is that?

Another great girlfriend activity is craft night! Christmas and Hanukkah have tons of little projects and jobs that need to get done but it doesn’t have to be boring! About seven years ago my girlfriends and I started having a roving craft night and no other months are as needed in my life as November and December!

How it works is that whoever hosts just provides some place to work and drinks. Then as the attender, you bring a snack to share. Some of the most popular are M&M’s, crackers and canned chocolate frosting with mini pretzels. You also bring what ever project you have that you are working on. I have addressed Christmas cards, wrapped gifts or organized my coupons. We schedule it after dinner and it usually just lasts about three hours. Always fun and always laid back!

Want something a little more festive? A party perhaps? Then consider a soup and salad potluck dinner! This is a laid back menu that allows you to indulge in dessert, which is most women’s favorite;). 1 person can make or buy soup, another a bagged salads with some extras to go into it, then another brings a great bread, then 2 bring dessert! The hostess provides the drinks and a place to enjoy. You can even do a fun and low key ornament exchange. My friends and I all buy clearance ornaments after Christmas in order to have super cute ones for the next year’s exchanges (and so we don’t have to go to shop for them).

Remember this holiday season that there are many easy and stress free ways to have quality girlfriend time. So go enjoy the season, your family and your girlfriends!!!

Jacqueline Cromwell is just a nerdy mom who has many weird a diverse interests! I stay busy homeschooling my four kids, writing my three blogs and being a social media consultant! My life philosophy is that I feel that anyone can do anything they want to learn to do. I enjoy sharing my opinions and equipping other do things like save money, school their children and cook! You can find her at The NerdFamily Blog, NerdFamily Food, NerdFamily Things.

For more great Holiday Girlfriend Advice check out our FREE eBook The Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice. THANKS Jacqueline – and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY Girlfriends!