lingerie expert underwear bra swimwearI wanted to be the first woman to burn her bra, but it would have taken the fire department four days to put it out. ~Dolly Parton

We always seem to want what we don’t have. My friend Jana has straight hair and would give anything for curls (or even a wave). Lyndsey has lots of gorgeous curls and spends hours trying to flat iron her hair until it is stick straight.

Many of us feel that way about our bodies. If we’re short, we want to be taller; if we’re tall, we feel having a few less inches would be ideal. If we’re flat chested, we continually look for ways to enhance our bust line. If we’re well-endowed, we wish corsets were back in style.

NOTE: Almost all of us do this. We want you to know that we love all our girlfriends no matter what size or shape they are. We also want you to know that all of us are working hard to learn to love our bodies the way they are.

This month, lingerie Girlfriend Guru MISS KITTY PLUM talks about ways to deal with a Dolly Parton-like endowment.

Reduce your bust by inches, no surgery, and no dieting required!

Wow! For busty beauties who struggle to find tops and dresses that don’t strain with challenge of keeping their assets contained this can sound like a miracle solution. No more reaching for the safety pins to stop your shirts gaping and revealing a glimpse of your lacy décolletage.  So what is it?

THE MINIMIZER (To be said in an action trailer voice-over way)

You know the saying, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is…. well the minimizer bra is just that.  The bra is designed to reduce the circumference of your chest and it does this by squishing it down. The boobs are compressed to give the illusion that you aren’t as full busted.  This means you lose the definition of two breasts and your chest takes on the appearance of a spare tire, not very attractive!  Not only does it not look great having your boobs squished down, it can be really uncomfortable; your breasts are meant to be on your chest not pushed under your armpits. I hear a lot of women complain of their boobs being in the way because they aren’t being positioned front and center.Friendship old fashioned bra copy, bra fitting,girlfriend

So what can you do? Not ever wear a shirt again because you can’t find any that will button up?  Have to have every dress altered so it fits around the bust without drowning the rest of your frame?  However much you love your boobs, the inconvenience of not being able just to pop in a shop and pick up a cute little top for your Saturday night out is so frustrating.

If you are finding it a mission to find clothes that fit the first step is to make sure you are wearing the right size bra, even having to move up a cup size it can actually make your bust look smaller and make sure it sits where it should.

Also look for brands that make curvy clothes. Pepperberry is the new clothing brand from the large cup specialists Bravissimo.  They produces a wide range for curvy to super curvy girls. It is a UK site but they do ship to the USA.  There is also the US site Carissa Rose that offers well endowed and really endowed options.

If you have had a different experience with minimizer bras please let me know, maybe there is one out there that does the job. Tell us about your experiences.

Do you know of any other places that sell clothing for voluptuous women?  Please pop any suggestions and comments below.

Miss Kitty Plum is a dedicated lover of lingerie. She is a professional bra fitter and co-owns Plums Lingerie, a specialty boutique that stocks lingerie for every woman.  She also runs #Lingeriechat on Twitter every Sunday where lingerie fans get together to chat through everything and anything lingerie related. Follow her on Twitter @plumslingerie.

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