Friendship Bethany SmithI know you’re busy. So am I. Overwhelmed? Yep, me too. Frantic at times? Scared? Lonely? Exhausted? Ditto.

So where does Girlfriendology get off thinking you should try to be a better friend? What right do we have to add guilt to your booked-solid, multiple-hat-wearing, juggling babies and daggers kind of life?

Before we try to respond to all that, we read the following blog recently and had to share it. Thankfully, the author/blogger kindly agreed to share it with you. (Thanks Bethany Smith and I can totally relate to your feeling of being ‘Crazy busy and sometimes just crazy.’ Thanks for your great girlfriend advice and for sharing the truth!)

The Slacker’s Guide to Friendship

I ended up lonely.

I am good at being alone, but I reached a point where I wanted, needed, a girlfriend or two around, and I was at a loss of who to call.

Where was I?

Yes! No friends.

I decided to do something about it.


Say it with me. One day. One friend.

Every day, I reach out to one person. It can be a visit, phone call, substantial email, or actual letter. It has to be meaningful. (Facebook comments no longer count.)

And you know what? I’m finding it takes five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. I will talk longer if that’s what is needed, or I have extra time, but five minutes, to someone else who may be feeling lonely, is a big deal. Let me repeat that: FIVE MINUTES, TO SOMEONE WHO IS LONELY, IS A VERY BIG DEAL. (She says from experience.)

If I haven’t gotten back to you yet, well… I am a year or two behind.

One more thing: I first started with a list, but I found that the day I didn’t want to talk to Ansley Adams (name changed to protect my catty-ness), I abandoned the list all together. On day two. So: no list. Just a person on my heart. One day. One friend.

How do you keep your friends?

Bethany Smith is a writer and English teacher. She blogs weekly here.

Bethany is right. You can build friendships in just five minutes per day. You just have to make the effort and understand that the returns on your investment will come in ways that will surprise you and make you happy. (In addition to making you healthier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful.) You’ll build friendships that may last longer than your romantic relationships. You’ll create memories that will make you smile for the rest of your life. And you’ll be happier – not lonely. Isn’t that worth it for five minutes per day?

Share how you make and stay in touch with your friends.

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