relationship advice building stronger relationshipsAs part of International Women’s Friendship Month, Guest Blogger Veronica Drake share girlfriend wisdom about relationships.


Veronica pairs great insight with practical tips to build stronger relationships and friendships. And we can all benefit from that. Who do you know that will benefit from this solid advice? Which of the tips resonate with you? What advice can you share with girlfriends to help build stronger relationship?

September is a special month around Girlfriendology – it’s International Women’s Friendship Month (aka: #FriendshipMonth) and we’re celebrating with 30 great guest blogs filled with fabulous girlfriend advice and wisdom. Today we have great girlfriend advice from guest blogger Veronica Drake and her …

Seven Simple Suggestions for Healthier, Long-term Relationships.

Be Emotionally Available

Create a practice of sharing the details of your life with your partner.  Become emotionally vulnerable. Release all your conditioned beliefs and open up your soul. Trust in your partner to be tender with your deepest secrets.

  • Does your partner open up and share his/her life with you?
  • Do you feel an emotional, spiritual, and physical connection to your partner?
  • Is your life an open book for your partner?
  • What are some ways you could deepen your trust?

Be Present When You’re with Your Partner

Let go of your Blackberry. Leave your phone in another room when you are sharing with your partner.  By leaving the phone alone you will open up a completely new feeling between you and your partner.

  • How often do you spend time with just the two of you?
  • When you talk, are you making eye contact?
  • Are you both willing to turn the outside world off to be with each other?
  • Are you willing to dream?

Explore Common Interests

Avoid boredom by exploring and creating new common interests.  Be creative.  Release the fear of the unknown and step out of the box.  Take time to sit and brainstorm with your partner. Together you can create inspired action and make change happen.  Keep your relationship fresh by adding new dimensions.

  • When was the last time you actually talked about finding a new activity to do together?
  • Are you willing to experience a baseball game, football game, sporting event, opera, ballet just because the other one loves it?
  • What have you been avoiding because you think you won’t enjoy it?
  • You and your partner write down 3-6 things you’d love to do. Put them all together and each day/week/month pull one activity out of the hat and HAVE FUN doing it! **Discuss the will do’s and the won’t do’s beforehand**

Be Physically Affectionate

Being physically affectionate not only feels good, but there is actually a physiological process happening.  We are releasing “love hormones” aka Oxytocin.  Physical affection isn’t limited to sexual intercourse, even small gestures like holding hands or hugging creates the “feeling.”

  • Design your dream date.  Where would you go? What would it feel like when you got there? It doesn’t have to cost money you can build a homemade tent in the backyard or even the living room.  Keep it FUN.
  • Touch each other whenever you can.  Human touch is key to nurturing each other.  It can be a simple touch of a cheek or even a playful pinch on the behind.
  • Stare at your partner for no reason.  No matter what they are doing just stop and watch. Set the intention of love and watch what happens.

Be Spiritual Together

Discuss ways you can invite a Higher Power into your relationship.  Explore your connection to Spirit and to each other.

  • What guides your life?
  • Discuss ways you can grow together Spiritually
  • What are you anchored to?

Actively Listen

When you are actively listening you are completely focusing on what you partner is saying. You are not thinking about what you will say next, and you are not judging what your partner is saying.  You are completely present and open minded.  Ways to show your partner you are listening: look your partner in the eye, be silent while your partner is talking, and when you do speak, be courteous and reassuring. Always give your partner unconditional listening space.

  • Stop doing other things — all other things — while your partner is sharing with you.
  • Encourage your partner with nods and affirmative words.
  • Summarize and repeat what you heard when it’s your turn to talk.

Laugh Together

Laughing is a really quick way to feel happy.  When you are laughing with all your power you will notice everyone around you will catch it too; laughing is infectious. A good belly laugh will exercise your inside body; your belly muscles contract and in turn they help work out the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterward. It even provides a good workout for the heart.  Count how many times you can laugh today?

VERONICA DRAKE is an International Relationship Coach, Intuitive, and Speaker. She empowers her clients to design relationships that sizzle. Her emphasis is on the relationship women have with themselves.  Her style is intuitive and informal. Her results are impactful and life-changing! She uses her witty, charming, and sassy sense of humor to help clients relax, release, and get in touch with what really matters to them.

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