What if every day was GIRLFRIEND APPRECIATION Day? (Hint … it is!)

What if every day was GIRLFRIEND APPRECIATION Day? (Hint … it is!)

Be a better friendWe’re nearing the end of International Women’s Friendship Month. Sadly. This month, designated by Kappa Delta, is set aside (internationally!) to recognize the relationship in our life that makes women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. That’s pretty dang awesome – right?!

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s been a great month. We’ve explored 30 days and 30 ways to be a better friend. We’ve looked at friendship from 30 different angles – each one of them Each one reminds us of the blessings of female friendship.
Here’s the funny part. It’s not that hard to ‘be a better friend.’ We actually talk about it a lot on Girlfriendology. It’s making a special effort, being a better listener, staying in touch even when your friend is long distance, it’s being there for a friend when she needs you.
Sure, it’s the end of this special month designated for female friendship. But, it’s just a reminder of how to live every day … grateful for the amazing women who bless your life EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Girlfriends … they’re worth celebrating! They do make your life … healthier, happier, less stressed, and more beautiful. What friend(s) do you need to repay the favor? To make her feel loved and appreciated like she does you?

TODAY is a GREAT DAY to show a friend how much she means to you. TODAY is a great day for GIRLFRIEND APPRECIATION Day! Be a better friend!

This week on Girlfriendology:

Inspiration, Appreciation & CELEBRATION of Girlfriends

Friendship 5 years of Girlfriendology

“The more you praise & celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”


We’re all about ‘Inspiration, Appreciation and Celebration of Female Friendship’ (AKA: girlfriends!) but this week we’re celebrating CELEBRATING! Any why not? (We’re thinking Oprah agrees!)

Aren’t female friends worth celebrating? Deserving of parties and presents? Our favorite friends whom we love to surprise, spoil and make feel special?

Why? Well, frankly because we all enjoy celebrating and we’ve got some things to celebrate … (more…)

Celebrating … 5 Years of Inspiration, Appreciation & Celebration of Girlfriends

Friendship 5 years of GirlfriendologyTime flies when you’re having fun … with your girlfriends!

Five years ago this month I started Girlfriendology. It was just a dream (that grew (-: ) of inspiring women to appreciate and celebrate the wonderful gift of female friendship. Initially, it was inspired by two girlfriends who were dealing with cancer, Allison and Dana. Their struggles and prognosis made me want to be with my girlfriends, not just them but all of the wonderful women in my life.

I did a little research to explore the dynamics of female friendship and if we really needed it in our lives and found a wonderful book that confirmed everything I had been thinking – The Tending Instinct, by Shelley E. Taylor. There’s proof – we NEED girlfriends! So, Girlfriendology.com launched to promote, inspire and celebrate female friendship.

It’s grown over the past five years to be a wonderful (and, might I add, beautiful!) community of women. We have over 20,000 (primarily) women as our Twitter followers, 13,000+ female Facebook Friends, and receive over 100,000 female impressions DAILY(more…)

Appreciation – for girlfriend gifts & birthdays

Girlfriend birthday with jill and beckyTo be honest, I never really look forward to my birthday.

I enjoy the cards and calls, but would rather skip the addition to my age. And, to continue being honest, I know this is silly (kinda!). I know the numeric value of decades and years isn’t important to the people who are important to me – my friends who love me. I don’t love a friend any less or more because she fits into a higher or lower ‘age category’ than myself

The one really good thing that a birthday does is focus attention, for a day, on a friend and what she means to you. It’s an easy way to celebrate a friendship and a birthday. And, that seems to create quite a stir especially in the world of social media where you can wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday!’ with a quickie Twitter or Facebook message.

I’m all about any opportunity to connect and appreciate girlfriends so I had to accept being on the receiving end of that last week for my birthday. Notes from Twitter friends, Facebook happy messages, cards, calls and emails filled so much of my day that I couldn’t respond to them all (and keep up with Girlfriendology newsletters  – sorry!). So, I’d like to express my appreciation for the wonderful women who celebrated me and our friendship:

  • Thanks to my girlfriends for their sweet calls and cards – like Tina, Cath, Terri, Cyndee and Carol (my sisters), Patty, Anne, Allison, Colleen, Amy, Tammy, Mary, Lydia, Ellen, Thea, Karen, Barb, Elizabeth, Jody and more (I know I forgot a bunch but it’s early when I’m writing this!). Thanks Becky and Jill for meeting me for lunch and it was fun to run into Michelle who took our photo above. Thanks Jill and Lynn for making yummy birthday treats.
  • I love to write about girlfriend gifts because they’re something that show how well you know someone by giving them something really special. I got some great ideas on girlfriend gifts from my inspiring girlfriends like Deana (love my ‘money tree’!), Rhonda (you know I love Sting!), Terri (I always love your gifts!) and Patty (LOVE my $5 bill and instructions to go have a drink on you!).
  • I even had the opportunity to talk with a group of women leaders (on my birthday). I kinda dreaded that I had accepted that invitation to speak but respect this group (WE Lead, women’s leadership program) and, of course, want to spread the girlfriend message wherever I can. It turns out that this group and our wonderful discussion on how friendship can make our community and city better was one of the high points of my birthday. It was energizing being in the company of these fabulous females. Thanks Diana and Christine for inviting me!

How could I not enjoy a day filled with girlfriends?!

I do know that the best presents aren’t ‘things.’ They don’t come wrapped or delivered, and you couldn’t ever return or re-gift them. The very best girlfriend gift is the gift of friendship. So, thanks to all the wonderful women who bless my life and who teach me every day how important it is to have girlfriends. That makes me happy, on my birthday and every single day. THANKS GIRLFRIENDS!

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