Pull on your favorite jersey, call up your foodball-fan friends and throw an awesome fall party!

Girlfriend Football partyWhether it’s NFL, College or High School games, we women are football crazy at this time of year. Actually, according to data from the ESPN Sports Poll and the U.S. Census, league officials say 44 percent of all football fans are now women. Go girl power! Taking over football too!

So, it’s just natural and a lot of fun to invite the girls over for a football party. Here’s a couple ideas – add yours in the comments!

* GO BACK TO SCHOOL – Remember when we used to cheer on our own high school team? We’d go with our girlfriends and watch the game, or maybe not watch the game but just enjoy spending time together. At your alma mater or your (or a friends’) child’s school, get the girls together for some high school football. Meet at your home before or after for snacks and drinks. Go girlfriends! (Bonus if you all dress or do your hair as you did in high school!)

* TAILGATE!!! – At a live game or even just to gather around a TV, invite your besties for a tailgate party in a stadium parking lot or even your driveway. Especially if it is nice, chilly weather, make up some chili or grill some burgers, have a cooler of beverages and hang out outside with your fun fanatic friends!

* BEST VIEW OF THE GAME – is generally on TV so invite the girls over to your house to watch the game of the week. Make it easy by preparing a tasty dish ahead of time in your crockpot, like this CROCKPOT BUFFALO CHICKEN recipe from our friends at WannaBite.com. (Doesn’t it look great! Can’t wait to have the girls over to try it!) Maybe a game of tag football during halftime? 😉

* LONGEST PLAY OF THE DAY – Does your football friend live in another city, state or even country?! Do you talk football with her? Make wagers? Cheer for each other’s teams? Why not watch a game together? Hopefully you can both watch the same game simultaneously. Then, get your own snacks and drinks, and give her a call on Skype, Facetime or in a Google+ hang-out. It will almost seem like she’s there on the couch with you disputing the ref’s and cheering on your favorite football teams!

Other ideas on a fun, friend-filled football party? Share in the comments below!

And … here’s even more FALL IDEAS FOR GIRLFRIENDS :)

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