The “Science” of Girlfriendology

Inspiration, appreciation and celebration are what Girlfriendology is about on What Really Matters, the popular podcast show from two moms who have taken “mom networking” to the next level. Vicky Thornton, Jen Rehberger and Debba Haupert chat candidly about how female friendships keep us healthier, happier, feel more beautiful and have less stress. This show and the companion page on will help you connect with practical advice and inexpensive ideas to share the gift of girlfriends.

About and What Really Matters is a family resource website and podcast show dedicated to making life simple so you can enjoy what really matters. On the podcast show, What Really Matters, Vicky and Jen talk about hot family topics, interviewing guests from parenting experts to nationally acclaimed authors, chefs to musicians, life coaches to doctors, and professional organizers to travel connoisseurs. Listeners can upload these informative, radio-style shows directly from the website or iTunes and listen anytime. In addition to the podcast, Vicky and Jen provide a companion page of resources for each show with additional information for the listener. shares recipes, kids activities and practical ideas you can really use to make every day more manageable so you can enjoy what really matters to you.

About Vicky and Jen

Vicky and Jen are two moms who met when taking their children to weekly storytime. Casual conversations buy keppra online grew into a friendship as they realized they had more in common than the local library. Vicky has a gifted passion for learning and teaching, working for many years in the education field. Jen’s passion for water led her around the world as a SCUBA instructor and trip leader. Seemingly very different, once becoming moms, both  Vicky and Jen dedicated themselves to enjoying family life and are determined to keep life simple. What Really Matters, their popular podcast, was launched as an effort to share the information, networking and knowledge of experts with others making every day matter! For more about Vicky and Jen, click here.

About Debba Haupert

Debba Haupert is founder of Girlfriendology™. Author, dreamer, entrepreneur, student of social media, animal-lover, wife and definitely girlfriend, Debba believes in living life with a passion. Recognizing her purpose in life is to connect people and to inspire women to share friendship, she started Girlfriendology with the optimistic idea to make the world a better place. And she can too – if you’re a better friend, you inspire your friends, then your friends will be more caring for their friends, and it can continue to make the world a better, friendlier place!

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Girlfriendology, the online community for women based on girlfriend inspiration, appreciation and celebration

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