Women's Friendship Month – Guest Blogs, Amazing Women & Special Celebrations

Friendship International Womens Friendship MonthSeptember was International Women’s Friendship Month – Did you celebrate your Girlfriends? Did you celebrate with your girlfriends?!

We’re all about the amazing relationship (of female friends) that makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. And, this was the month to take note of the wonderful women in our life and celebrate our friendships. So we did. Did you?!

We celebrated the month starting with a guest blog on the importance of friendship and BlogTalkRadio interview with Teresa Scanlan. Teresa is smart, fun, caring and beautiful. Might be why she is also the youngest MISS AMERICA ever! LISTEN IN to our (more…)

Cool Gifts for Girlfriends – Perfect for Summer Birthdays & Celebrations

Friendship Cool Girlfriend Gifts, Summer giftsIt’s HOT out there – even if you follow our guide to staying cool! So how can you celebrate a girlfriend birthday and help her stay cool?

We’re on the hunt this week for Cool Girlfriend Gifts. You know … gifts for Summer birthdays or special girlfriend celebrations. We’re starting the week with National Girlfriend Day and ending it on National Friendship Day, so there are lots of reasons for showing girlfriend gratitude – regardless of a birthday.

Gaiam.com, IncSo, come back each day this week for more Cool Girlfriend Gifts, starting with this Grecian Tunic from our yoga friends at Gaiam. (more…)

5 Years of Inspiring Female Friendship – The Girlfriendology Celebration!

Friendship 5 years of GirlfriendologyInspiration, Appreciation and Celebration of Girlfriends – for five years!

Five years ago today I wrote a ‘love letter’ to my girlfriends. Brought on by two dear friends dealing with cancer and feeling a very conscious ‘need’ to be around my friends, I wanted to express my appreciation and to explore why female friendship was so important to me and to all women.

Research confirmed the reasons we NEED girlfriends. Female friendship makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. Again, we NEED girlfriends. Husbands, boyfriends, guy friends can be great (we’re not against that) but there is nothing that can take the place of a dear friend who understands, cares, accepts and loves you. Nothing. Nada. No way. We need girlfriends.

Like a tiny seed that one day becomes an orange gerbera daisy (aka: (more…)

Inspiration, Appreciation & CELEBRATION of Girlfriends

Friendship 5 years of Girlfriendology

“The more you praise & celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”


We’re all about ‘Inspiration, Appreciation and Celebration of Female Friendship’ (AKA: girlfriends!) but this week we’re celebrating CELEBRATING! Any why not? (We’re thinking Oprah agrees!)

Aren’t female friends worth celebrating? Deserving of parties and presents? Our favorite friends whom we love to surprise, spoil and make feel special?

Why? Well, frankly because we all enjoy celebrating and we’ve got some things to celebrate … (more…)

Celebrating … 5 Years of Inspiration, Appreciation & Celebration of Girlfriends

Friendship 5 years of GirlfriendologyTime flies when you’re having fun … with your girlfriends!

Five years ago this month I started Girlfriendology. It was just a dream (that grew (-: ) of inspiring women to appreciate and celebrate the wonderful gift of female friendship. Initially, it was inspired by two girlfriends who were dealing with cancer, Allison and Dana. Their struggles and prognosis made me want to be with my girlfriends, not just them but all of the wonderful women in my life.

I did a little research to explore the dynamics of female friendship and if we really needed it in our lives and found a wonderful book that confirmed everything I had been thinking – The Tending Instinct, by Shelley E. Taylor. There’s proof – we NEED girlfriends! So, Girlfriendology.com launched to promote, inspire and celebrate female friendship.

It’s grown over the past five years to be a wonderful (and, might I add, beautiful!) community of women. We have over 20,000 (primarily) women as our Twitter followers, 13,000+ female Facebook Friends, and receive over 100,000 female impressions DAILY(more…)