Friendship Eat Pray Love One WordWhat’s your word, girlfriend? What defines you?

Elizabeth Gilbert, in the book and movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” asked what the one word defined several cities – like New York was “Ambition” (or “soot”), London was “Stuffy” and Rome was “Sex.” The ‘one word’ definition was then given as a personal challenge – to define yourself in one word.

It’s an interesting, introspective exercise that explores our core beliefs, dreams, goals, hopes, values. And, with just one word, we’re forced to simmer through our history, past all the titles and ‘hats we wear,’ through what others think of us and on to what really is important, what brings us joy and how we want to live our lives.

From  this exercise and the perspective of girlfriends, I think it’s a great conversation – for drinks after the movie, a long distance call or sharing coffee with your BFF on her porch. What word defines you? What single title or description is core to who you are – and do your girlfriends have a different perspective on how you define yourself? Do they see things in you that perhaps you don’t? Or possibly have you not shared your life with them as much as you assume you have, so it’s new news to them? Do you know each other as well as you think you do?

Thankfully with our best friends, we can trust each other on our personal journey through self-discovery and the continuing challenge of defining our true selves (and loving that person just the way we are). With the women in our lives who know us as who we really are and who we want to be, a kind of  ‘soulmate sister,’ we can honestly acknowledge our strengths, weaknesses and, even when buried under layers of history and expectations, our fears and dreams. Together we can challenge buy sumatriptan uk each other to grow into the person we want to become and to celebrate the woman that we are. As girlfriends, we can define ourselves and celebrate our journey along the way toward that ‘one word.’

My word? (But you can have it as yours too!) FRIEND. I want to be a better friend. I want to strive everyday to be more thoughtful, to remember birthdays, send thank you notes, to be a better listener. I want to make my friends feel as special as their friendship is to me. And I want to inspire women to be better friends, to be more supportive of other women (friends or not yet friends) and to consciously appreciate the amazing girlfriends in our lives. Just think how much happier women (and all the people in our lives) would be, if we all had a positive support system (aka: girlfriends). And we’d be healthier, less stressed, have higher self-esteem. We’d live longer, happy lives filled with beautiful memories of times spent with friends. What a wonderful world that would be.

“To make the world a better place, one friendship at a time.”

Lofty goal? Silly? That’s okay. You gotta have a goal and that’s why we started Girlfriendology. Because it would be a wonderful world filled with friends. It all starts with connecting with other women, sharing your lives, going to a movie together and having a conversation. Make plans with new or not-so-new friends. It starts with one friendship at a time.

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What’s your word? (why?) (Here’s our one word for 2014!)

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