Thanksgiving Black Friday quoteIt’s funny how during Thanksgiving we’re thankful for what we already have, but then we practically trample each other for stuff we don’t have on Black  Friday. – Unknown

I know that Black Friday got its name because it is the day many retailers go from being “in the red” to “being in the black.” I know black can be sophisticated, timeless, and chic. But for me, the day after Thanksgiving is less about black and more about…well, orange.

Much as I love my family and the Thanksgiving get-togethers, I treasure the day after. For me, it’s a day to catch up with girlfriends, find out how my “chosen family” is, and appreciate the wonderful women in my life that share their friendship every day of the year.  The day after Thanksgiving is a time for shopping (or enjoying the quiet of not shopping), for relaxing without the pressure to have the Pilgrim-perfect day, for enjoying leftovers. It’s a day for going to the gym, seeing a movie with friends, and eating leftovers. It’s a day of indulgence in things around the house, getting to projects I’ve put off for too long, and eating leftovers.

I am grateful for so many things: health, friendship, family…the list is so long. One day is not nearly enough time for all this gratitude. So I carry it to the day after Thanksgiving.

Also, I really love leftovers.

What are you thankful for on this day after Thanksgiving? Will you join me in being grateful for girlfriends and take a few minutes for orange Friday?

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