time friendship quoteI met my girlfriends for Happy Hour tonight. We haven’t seen each other for too long and while we talk about getting together more, it is really hard to do when we all have jobs, lives, schedules that completely fill our lives almost 24/7. (Can you relate?)

We decided, over our second glass of wine and countless shared updates and laughs, that we HAVE to get together more often. HAVE to.

While we’d love to be on a schedule of making time for each other every week or every other week, or even once a month, we know our crazy lives. That is tough to do.

But what works for us sometimes? IMPROMPTU gatherings. A shared text with plans to meet. An opening in our schedule that gives us room to see each other.

It made me think. As the quote says: The way we spend our TIME defines who we are. It totally does. How we spend our limited extra hours is a great indication of what our priorities are, what – or WHO – is important to us.

So, in the spirit of my girlfriends and my assumption that you and your girlfriends might face a similar challenge of getting together, here are:

3 ideas of impromptu Girlfriend Get-togethers

1. Combining Tasks with Friends – You know the situation. You have so much to do that you spend all weekend running errands to catch up before another crazy week of work or plans. Right?! Why not ask a friend to join you? Groceries? She probably needs to go shopping too. Picking up dry cleaning, a run to the pet food store, clean out your closet, even weeding the garden – all things that are much more enjoyable when they’re with a friend – just ask!

3. Try a new time/plan – On our recent Friday off work, my BFF Barb texted me about meeting for lunch. It was mid-morning and a time we normally don’t even think of meeting up with a friend. It worked out perfectly and probably wouldn’t have if we’d planned ahead. Evenings not good for her and days not good for you – find a compromise and plan a weekend coffee date or a Friday night time for just the girls. You never know when you might start a new girlfriend tradition!

3. What-the-Hell Planning – I often say when I speak on social media marketing, I believe in the WTH marketing. WTH – TRY it! I also believe in WTH planning with friends. The next time you have a spare ticket to a play or concert, or hear about a new restaurant, or want to explore a new store – text or call a friend. She just may have time on her schedule. And, if she doesn’t, find another friend to join you. Don’t hold it against anyone if they can’t go – just trust that they’d rather be going somewhere with you and call them the next time.

So, girlfriend – who will your next impromptu girlfriend get-together be and with whom? Make time for your girlfriends. They are totally worth it. Inspire your friends with your impromptu planning and maybe they’ll surprise you as well with an impromptu girlfriend get-together. Life is short – spend time with your girlfriends!

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