another new year, dreams come trueAnother New Year & still time for Small Dreams come true. – Unknown

There’s something pure about the New Year. The calendar is clean. Goals and resolution give us renewed faith in making changes. We get to start over. We get to dream of a New Year and, for many of us, a NEW YOU.

A New You in the New Year could mean a healthier you, a thinner you, a more financially secure you. It could be a year of going after your goals and of making those ‘small dreams’ (and definitely the BIG ones) come true. We’re wishing for you a year of HAPPINESS and of BEING A BETTER FRIEND. We’re hoping you resolve to make 2015 a wonderful new year – and that you share it with your girlfriends (and Girlfriendology).

Here’s some girlfriend advice for the coming new year and possibly new you

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