Friendship Wordless Wednesday Julie and DebbieDo you encourage your girlfriends? Do you encourage your children or others around you? Thoughts on this National Day of Encouragement …

“There are high spots in all of our lives & most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else.”

George M Adams

The National Day of Encouragement was the idea of a few high school students attending the National Leadership Forum in Searcy, Ark in June of 2007.  The students were challenged to come up with what they believe to be the biggest problem in their school. They decided that at the root of most problems, such as drugs and alcohol, lies discouragement.  So, as one way to help that, they founded a day to focus on encouraging one another.  They encourage us to get together with students from our churches, schools, other organizations or just solo, and find ways to encourage people around you.

Do you encourage your girlfriends often? Do you remind them to go after their dreams? Do you inspire them to be a better friend, because you are?

Here’s five ways you can easily encourage your friends (and celebrate National Day of Encouragement!):

Smilebox1. Send a Greeting Card – Let her know you’re thinking of her and that you believe in her and her dreams. It may just be the message she needs to hear that day!

2. Write a Letter – Go above and beyond a greeting card and spell out the wonderful characteristics that you see in your friend. Or make a list of the great qualities that she has that you admire and appreciate so much. Share your girlfriend gratitude for her being there for you.

3. Tell Others! – Tweet, Facebook, email – just share her big news (that’s public knowledge) and brag on her. Let others know the cool stuff she’s done/is doing that she’s too shy to share with them.

4. Coffee and Conversation – (or Tea and a Talk!) Meet face-to-face to catch up and with the intention of encouraging her, especially if she’s going through things that might be challenging for her. Practice encouraging her and being a better listener.

5. Be your own ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ – Be each others’ sounding board and cheerleader. Openly share compliments with her and simply say ‘Thank You’ when she returns the favor. Brag on each other. Recognize when she’s doing things that are fabulous with praise out-loud or at least in a letter or greeting card.

Fill in the blanks for your girlfriend(s): “I just want to encourage you to ______________.

To acknowledge that you are amazing and I can’t believe you ___________.

I want to remind and thank you that what you’re doing (_____________) is making a difference in the world/community.”

What girlfriend do you need to encourage today? Call her up. Email her. Make plans to meet. Don’t miss out on this National Day of Encouragement!

Family Christian Stores is celebrating National Day of Encouragement by offering free PEANUTS cartoon greeting cards in their stores through September 12. No purchase is necessary, but take this 25% off coupon with you in case you find a deal. (That info provided by my girlfriend Crystal, The Thrifty Mama & her friends at Southern Savers. Thanks, girlfriends!)

p.s. Can I just say that, in my opinion, it is fitting that National Day of Encouragement lies on September 12th – just a day after we’ve commemorated 9/11. Yesterday, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was overwhelmingly sad. It’s lovely that a positive day follows it, to remind us the importance of encouraging others.

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