Mothers Day for single momsIt’s Mother’s Day and we want to empower, inspire and celebrate ALL moms (and women) especially Single Moms. This guest blog is dedicated to all the single mothers out there!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we all want to give credit to the givers of life along with those who didn’t physically give birth but act as if they did. While all mothers deserve love each and every day I would like to give a shout out to a special group of mothers. This one is for you.

Single moms are a diverse group. Some of them are widowed or divorced. Some have good relationships with their children’s father and others haven’t seen their children’s father since the day the child was born. Some women opted to have children knowing they would not have a spouse or partner to help raise the child.

Raising children is difficult when there are two adults in the household. When mom is doing it all on her own the job is even harder. A single mother has to feed, bathe and clothe her children.

She also has to make a living so she can pay to put a roof over her children’s heads and food on the table. On top of that, whenever there is an issue mom has to fix it. If a child gets sick at school mom has to leave work or find someone who will care for her little one until she is able to

Single moms have everything on their shoulders.

Even if the father is in the picture, if he lives outside of the household mom is always the first one everyone calls. My mother was a single mom. She went to college but had to drop out because we needed her at home. I watched her struggle through a terminal illness but she always made sure we had what we needed. She also made sure we stayed in line. Most importantly, she loved us and taught us to love each other and

So, this is for all you single mothers out there who are holding your households down.

This is for those of you who are working during the day and going to school at night. This is for the moms who get child support but no parental support. This is for the mother’s who do all they can to keep their children’s father in his kid’s life. This is for the mothers who refuse to let their kids become statistics no matter what society says about them. This is for those of you who are at your children’s school every day, spend 2 to 4 hours a night helping with homework and are up grinding for several hours after you put your kids to bed.

I see you single mothers and I can only imagine how hard your job is.

I see you and I applaud you for making the best out of a tough can you buy abilify online situation. I see you giving your children the life you didn’t have. I sit in awe at how you keep dance lessons, soccer practices and band competitions straight. I see you advocating for your children when the system fails them. I see you constantly sacrificing so your children can have a bright future.

Single moms, I see you put that “S” on your chest every morning and make miracles happen that your children cannot even begin to understand. It is not an easy job but you make it work and I love you for that. Here’s to you single moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Lynette Logan guest blogger girlfriendologyThanks to guest blogger LYNETTE LOGAN (shown here with her girlfriends on a Bahamas cruise!): Lynette is a freelance writer and she runs her own freelance writing company called Writer Blocks. She writes articles and blog posts for businesses. She also runs a blog called Voices in my Head: The Crazy Thoughts of a Sane Woman. Lynette uses her blog as a platform for sharing her experiences with chronic pain, anxiety and depression. She writes creative non-fiction, poems and songs for fun.  


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