Silly Shannan and Mom for BFF DayCelebrating Mother’s Day and friendship?

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s a great time to celebrate the amazing women who juggle jobs, turn houses into homes and who are allowed to spit on a napkin and clean off our faces! (Sorry, but you know it’s true!) (And they take fun photos like this one of girlfriend Shannan and her mom being silly at our BFF Day celebration last year!)

Mother’s Day is also a great day to celebrate our girlfriends who are moms. They’re the ones raising the kids who someday may someday rule our country, help our planet (nods to Earth Day – tomorrow!) and discover cures to diseases. They’re also the amazing women who may not always feel appreciated by their own families or realize the incredible influence they have on not only their kids, but other kids, families and friends – like you! Mom-girlfriends understand other mom-girlfriends – and often offer support and encourage each other. We need each other as moms and as girlfriends.

Which leads to the question – can moms and non-moms be girlfriends? I had this posed to me recently. Can I, as a non-mom, relate to moms and can they relate to me? It’s a valid question and I’d love your comments!

Here’s my thoughts: I have friends who are moms and friends who aren’t moms. I have girlfriends who are older, younger, richer, possibly poorer(?!) and Jewish or atheist while I’m Christian. I understand how some of my friends who are moms have a different relationship with their mom-girlfriends – they share a common bond that I don’t fill and can share advice and support that I can’t provide. And I’m okay with that. I have a lot of friends who have dogs and we spend time together at the dog park. We share that in common and, actually, having something in common is quite common in bonding friendships. (But I also have friends who are not ‘dog people!’)

Life stages often impact relationships – and they also change over time. While being a mom of a kid in soccer means you spend a lot of time with other soccer moms, it also means someday you’ll be the mother of a college student and find your girlfriendships need to be intact so that you have that support that only girlfriends can bring. Or you could be a working mom with coworkers who later becomes a stay-at-home-mom and needs the friendships and memories that you share with your former coworkers.

Gerbera Daisy BouquetCan’t we as girlfriends cross lines and be better friends? Can’t we all support each other? What are your thoughts on being friends with moms and non-moms?

And, while we’re on the Mother’s Day subject (and instead of another blog!) here are a couple girlfriend gift recommendations for your friends who are moms. (You know they love gifts from you!)

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