Keep Calm & Pamper Yourself (& your Girlfriends!)

keep calm and pamper yourselfWhat girlfriend needs a little pampering? Be the friend that helps her de-stress!

We’re celebrating this Month of Friendship by sharing a daily way we can be a better friendgirlfriend gifts we can give, ways to show our friends how much their friendship means to us and just inspiration on appreciating the amazing women who we call our friends.

As friends, we look out for each other, right?Some of our friends, and you know who they are, need some special attention. They’re stressed, tired, overworked, possibly underpaid and, more than likely, under appreciated. They need some ‘me time’ but rarely find it for themselves. They’re amazing women who give tirelessly to their families, jobs, and others. And, you know what? They need some pampering, even if they may not know it!

Lavender Vanilla Gift Spa Basket girlfriend gift If you can’t take them to a spa, take the spa to them! So, in honor of these stressed, over-committed, busy women, we’ve got some great girlfriend gifts ideas:

LAVENDER VANILLA SPA GIFT BASKET: She’ll soak away layer after layer of stress in the soft and warming aroma of Lavender and Vanilla. Plus she’ll enjoy this fabulous lavender tote and think of you when she uses it!  (Include a personalized gift message for your girlfriend!)

BedHead PajamasBEDHEAD PAJAMAS: Sometimes pampering means not going anywhere. She just needs to stay in her comfy pajamas and read a good book. And who’s to argue with Oprah and Rachel Ray on their picks for great pajamas?!

HONEY SPA TREATMENT: Inside an exquisite suede and leather hat box lies the key to relaxation and rejuvenation. French-milled soap from Gianna Rose Atelier-individually boxed and lightly scented. The bath bar is enriched with Shea Butter and Royal Jelly to moisturize skin, giving it a luminescent glow. Bath Bees-capsules containing a fragrant skin soothing blend of Sunflower oils enhanced with extracts of Bee Balm, Royal Jelly, and Bee Pollen. When dissolved in the bath the unique formula provides an elegant feel to the skin. Silk aromatic eye pillow-soft gold baby bee brocade filled with relaxing herbs found in a spring meadow, including lavender, chamomile, peppermint and mugwort reduces stress and allows sweet dreams. Certified organic bamboo hand towel, four-inch beeswax pillar candle, and personal care products-nail brush, pumice stone, massage brush, bath sponge and all natural hair brush

Citrus spa basket girlfriend giftsCITRUS SPA GIFT BASKET: Is she more of an oranges and lemons kind of girl? Imagine how she’ll relax and rejuvenate to the scent of citrus, the magic of lemon butter and lotions, tangy bath gel and soaking balm. And relaxing music will help her drift away, as well as spa water to quench her thirst.

SPA BOOTIES GIFT BASKET: Treat your feet to instant, soothing warmth made even more enjoyable by lavender aromatherapy. These luxurious spa booties are perfect for the aches and pains of daily life. The secret lies within the lavender-filled inserts. Once warmed in the microwave, the inserts provide up to 45 minutes of toasty warmth and fragrant lavender scent. Combine the booties with the optional bag of aromatherapy essentials, which includes Lavender Shower Gel, Lavender Body Lotion, Fine Fragranced Soap, and a loofah for a full spa experience. Perfect for an instant pick-me-up.

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What other ways can you bring the spa to your friend who needs a little pampering? Share!

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Tomorrow’s Day 8 of our Month of Friendship. What bone do you need for tomorrow? Come back to see!

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