You shouldn’t wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories.Heidi Klum

Create your own memories,friendshipThink of all your girlfriend memories ..

… laughing with your high school or college friends who got you through the tough years of guys and grades, friends you’ve met in different places that you’ve lived who always made you feel like you were home when you were together and sister-friends who made you part of their family and vice versa. So many memories with so many friends … we’re a blessed gender to have and appreciate so many amazing friends!

We’re celebrating a Month of Friendship in September. Each day we’ll share a daily way to celebrate girlfriends. (Check out Days 1-3 below!)

Today, we’re thinking about showing our girlfriend gratitude by making or buying a memory gift for our girlfriend(s).

Memory gifts feature an image or story that we share and are a wonderful reminder of the happy times we’ve spent together. Since we don’t often get to spend as much time with our girlfriends as we’d like, memory gifts serve as a fun reminder of those times together and prompt us to connect again – soon! So, here’s a few memory gifts for girlfriends you can make or buy:

  • Mini Scrapbook – Perfect for a BIG birthday (like those ending in “0”), take your camera along and snap a bunch of photos of the birthday girl and her friends. Make sure and get several of you two together. Then turn the photos into a memory album for her like we did for our girlfriend’s birthday recently.
  • ‘It’s Girlfriend Time’ Clock – I love this project and have made it for several girlfriends. Make color copies of photos, gather some scrapbook supplies (thin ones so as not to interfere with the hands of the clock) and a clock and make her a timeless reminder of happy times with you. She’ll love it!
  • Picture this … You and your BFF – I love a great photo of me and my friends! One where we all look happy, where you can almost see the glow of good energy that we create when we’re together and where we’re all having a great hair day! (-: There’s lots of ways you can take a fab photo and make it into a permanent piece of art. Canvas People takes images and prints them on canvas making ‘art’ out of your beautiful friendship photo!
  • Girlfriend Memory Journal – I wish I’d kept a journal of all the fun times I’ve spent with my girlfriends. Wish I would have noted the happy hours where we laughed til we cried, jotted down the special gifts my friends have given me and journaled the lessons I’ve learned from such amazing women. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive such a present? Use this girlfriend journal or make your own, but capture a few of the memories you share with her – times her friendship really meant a lot to you, funny stories that you share, little memories that she’ll cherish.
  • Classic, Funky, Silly: Personalized Present – Simple project, even a non-crafty girlfriend can make – and, I promise!, she’ll love it! Selected your favorite photo of you and your BFF. Make a color or black & white copy (recommend black & white especially if your frame gets too colorful and funky!) Get a cheap frame (recommend Dollar Store). Find/purchase some scrapbook embellishments, old jewelry or cut out words/ads out of magazines. Decorate the frame with the embellishments or crafty elements. Then frame/mat your photo. She’ll love your creative gift!

Whatever your choose to make or give her, a gift from a girlfriend is always appreciated. If you have fun with this one, make a bunch for your friends and give it to them at a dinner celebrating this Month of friendship!

Other ideas for girlfriend memory gifts? Share!

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AND … We’d love to share Your Girlfriend Story!

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