Never take friendship for granted quoteNever take friendship for granted, you never know what tomorrow holds. – Catherine Pulsifer

The most special times are spent with a special friend.

Look back on the memories, the high and low points, the times you’ve needed someone to lean on or were there for a friend in need. What made those times memorable, tolerable and even inspirational?

Having our friends by our side during all the challenges and celebrations life throws at us is just one of the amazing benefits of having girlfriends. Friends to divide our pain, double our joy and share our memories is a beautiful gift that we should never take for granted.

We’ve been on a journey this month through our Month of Friendship exploring 30 days and 30 ways to reconnect with old friends, find new friends and just be a better friend. Today we’re wrapping up the month with a big ‘bow’ that ties it all together – the recommendation, or ‘girlfriend challenge,’ that we just need to spend time together with our girlfriends.

Start your free trial now!The gift of time, and sharing that gift with a friend, makes up the special moments of which memories are made. It’s such a precious gift – sharing the one thing that is limited and always in demand. And, as an unknown of how much we’ll get, it is the ultimate expression of love, respect, and friendship.

You already know this. We’re overwhelmingly aware of the limited time we have to share. Our conclusion, after 30 days of exploring ways to connect and reconnect with friends, and growing friendships, is as simple as making time in our day to have coffee together, walk and talk, share a meal or drink or just sit on a porch and laugh about old times.

How do you make time for your friends? When have your friends made time for you – and how did that make you feel?

Life is so much better together with your girlfriends. Make time for each other. Cherish the moments, memories and friendships.

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