What is the most thoughtful gift a girlfriend has given you? Or you’ve given to a friend?

5 ways to give a thoughtful girlfriend giftLeave it to my girlfriends to always give the best, most thoughtful girlfriend gifts – be it for my birthday, holiday or a ‘just because’ gift. My friend girlfriend gifts often get my gift at my favorite shop where she lives/I used to live. It’s always perfect and perfectly Terri. My college roomie and BFF, Barb, often makes me a gift – like a beautiful afghan she crocheted for me. My fab friends Deana, Rhonda and Cath (and others – too many to name, I’m blessed!) always give me something special and, again, perfect.

It’s much more than something purchased for me and wrapped. It’s an act of love – to take time out of their busy lives to find a present that expresses our friendship; to spend their valuable, limited time selecting a gift and presenting it to me. It’s a wonderful tradition between girlfriends – to give thoughtful, personalized, wonderful gifts.

Actual, physical gifts from a friend are best when they’re something she’d ‘want’ and not necessarily ‘need.’ (Although, there are exceptions to that rule – like she might need and want new running shoes or a Fall coat.) Not the standard, ‘cookie-cutter’ gift is best too – probably not a gift from an infomercial, dollar/cheap store or drug store. Something that, when you see it, speaks to you of her is perfect.

Here’re 5 ways to give a thoughtful girlfriend gift:

  • The Gift of Time – So many of us are soo overbooked. Give your busy girlfriend the gift of time – help her (or do it for her) girlfriend gifts, weed her garden or run her errands. Arrange for a babysitter so she can spend time on things she wants to do – like hopefully spending time with you. Do whatever you can do to free up a few hours of her day. She’ll love you for it!
  • Reminder Gifts – I love gifts that remind me of my friend: the afghan my BFF Barb made me is a great example. I think of her every single time I see that beautiful gift and feel like she is nearby when it keeps we warm. Give a piece of jewelry or a memorable gift to show her how much her friendship means to you.
  • Funny and Creative Gifts – A silly surprise can help her laugh her way through what might be an otherwise stressful day/birthday. Get creative – I heard of one woman whose girlfriends rented a hearse as their limo for her BIG birthday. That might be a bit much, but you can do things like finding little funny gifts that equal her birthday years or make a funny challenge out of trivia from the year she was born, etc. Just make it a special day for her!Start your free trial now!
  • Friendship Gifts – We’ve shared about ‘girlfriend gifts‘ (where a friend celebrated her girlfriend and their friendship with a surprise celebration and friendship ring). Jill now has a ring that reminds her of that special friendship. (We have a host of gifts that feature girlfriend gifts – like above, girlfriend gifts, etc. with our ‘friendship flower.’ These are meant to express how much you love and appreciate your girlfriends.)
  • Memories Gifts – I love the memories I share with my friends. Times we’ve hung out together, traveled, shopped, laughed and cried together. Take every opportunity to make memories with your girlfriends and, for her birthday or a special ‘present, this might just mean going on an adventure together (or a cruise with your girlfriends!) or making a tradition out of spending time together (like with a book club or regular GNO happy hour). Just take a time to be there for each other.

We asked our Facebook Fans about what one gift they’d give their girlfriend(s) and they responded:

  • Joanne: My time. The greatest gift a friend gives me is the time in their schedule and a listening ear.
  • Geraldine: Lots of luv, and an undivided amount of time to listen to her!!
  • Janet: Time. Specifically….a 5-day Girls Getaway cruise with friends!! MORE specific…A Girls Getaway with friends from Girlfriendology!!
  • Theresa: A day spa with full treatment. She just had son #4 (yes she knows what caused it, lol) and probably really needs some estrogenated air as her home is filled with the testosterone of five men!
  • Alison: The ocean where she loves to be.
  • Rosalind: Cozy wine/coffee station in her kitchen.
  • Deborah: Some serenity in her life at the moment. She surely has needed it for awhile. I would do anything to take away her pain, if even for a day.
  • Auburn: A lifetime supply of Starbucks coffee, Jolly Ranchers, Chocolate and lifetime spa treatments – to all my Girlfriends. Love you much, You rock!
  • Margaret: Like the spa treatments for life. And once a year for the rest of your life a two weeks vacation everything paid for.

What thoughtful gifts have your girlfriends given you? How have you made your friends feel as special as their friendship is to you?

Just one more day in this MONTH OF WOMEN’S FRIENDSHIP, but we’ll keep celebrating all year! Tomorrow … we wrap up 30 days, 30 ways to be a better friend!

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