ask a friend for a favorMay I ask a favor girlfriend?

Several years ago I was so excited to be traveling to England for the first time. In preparing for the trip, I found myself without a ride to the airport. Because I was so looking forward to this trip and visiting a dear girlfriend there, I just didn’t want to have to fly off without a parting hug (& figured a cab driver would find this a bit strange!). So, I asked my girlfriends who might be available to drive me. Allison, my dear walking buddy, volunteered for the favor.

I remember our conversation on the drive to the airport. I remember how much nicer it felt to have someone see me off who cared about me and was happy to help me. And I remember getting that ‘mandatory’ hug before departing. It was the perfect send off – because my girlfriend was there for me.

My girlfriend Ellen locked her keys in her car while at work. She called and asked if I could go to her house, retrieve her extra set of keys and bring them to her. Of course, I dropped what I was doing and did exactly that. I remember driving to her office and feeling so blessed because of her friendship. I loved that she was comfortable asking me to assist her when she needed someone. I remember how happy it made me feel to be able to help and to know that our friendship was at the level where we could ‘impose’ and that it wasn’t an imposition. That we were girlfriends who are there for each other.

For many of us, asking a friend for a favor isn’t easy. We might not want to infringe on them, interrupt their busy day/life or appear needy. We don’t want to be a bother. I know I often feel this way but I also know that I might be overly-cautious and I might be missing an opportunity to take our friendship to that next level. I might miss out on showing them how much I do need them in my life and might not allow them the joy that comes from being there for a friend.

Do you ask your friends for favors? Are you there for them as well? It does need to be a fairly balanced relationship so that one friend doesn’t feel taken advantage of, but asking a friend for a favor can be you way of being a better friend. And helping a friend in need can strengthen your friendship.Friendship lucrecer sugar girlfriends

So, the next time you need a ride to the airport, your girlfriend needs her dog watched, you need advice for your garden or your friend needs to get out of the house, be there for each other. Be the kind of friend who is willing to assist and who feels comfortable asking a friend for a hand. That’s what friends do.

“Familiar acts are beautiful through love.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

This is part of our Month of Friendship. Check out these 30 days, 30 ways to reconnect with old friends, make new friends and being a better friend.

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