Tell a friend how much she means to youDoes your BFF know how much she means to you? Do the amazing women in your life feel as special as their friendship is to you?

Do we tend to assume, don’t we? That if we appreciate our friend(s), that they know exactly what we’re thinking. We take for granted the expression of love and admiration, joy and appreciation when it comes to our friends. And, sometimes we just get busy and forget to say “thank you,”you mean the world to me” or “I’m a better person because of you.”

It’s sad, really, that we don’t tell the women we love that we do love and appreciate them. We don’t thank them for the amazing lessons they teach us through their friendship, support and by example. We fail to express the ways they have impacted our lives – from their sense of humor to their sense of style, from their wisdom and their knowledge, from their kindness to their strength.

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Always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye, but regret can last a lifetime.


We’re nearing the end of this Month of Friendship, with a wonderful ‘challenge’ for you. Today/this week, your task is to share your true feelings and appreciation to your girlfriends. You don’t need to tell ALL your friends – start with the friends who may need to hear from you, who may need to be told how important they are, or who may not realize the importance they have in your life. (Then you might have so much fun sharing your girlfriend gratitude, that you share with all your friends!)

It can be as simple as a card and hand-written message, a personalized Friendship eCard, a thoughtful gift, a sweet tweet or a heartfelt “tell all the world how much I appreciate you” Facebook comment. (Or copy/paste this ‘Thanks for being my friend‘ graphic and post on your friends’ Facebook pages!) You don’t have to wait for Sunday, our official “phone a friend day,” you could always call up a friend and just share your girlfriend gratitude. Your appreciation and thankfulness for their friendship can be expressed through any form of communication.

Start your free trial now!The format doesn’t really matter. The only factor that does count is that you show your girlfriend gratitude, acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned from them, and share how much they mean to you. Don’t assume they know these things – they don’t. They may know you love them, and I’m sure they love you right back, but a heartfelt expression of appreciation and love is a rare and wonderful thing.

So, will you take this girlfriend challenge? Will you tell a friend – or maybe a few – how much their friendship means to you? And will you share your story with us? (Share and inspire others!)

Only a few more days in this MONTH OF FEMALE FRIENDSHIP! (But we’ll keep celebrating girlfriends all year long!) Tomorrow, a basic guideline for friendship that helps us be more thoughtful!

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