live and learnBack to school time – for girlfriends?

Remember the anticipation of a new school year? Wondering who would be in your class, catching up with old friends, getting new clothes and school supplies? By far the best part of going back to school was spending time with my girlfriends daily – knowing they’d be right there to help me through my lessons, when I needed to talk and always great for a laugh.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

We’re exploring 30 days and 30 ways to be a better friend in our Month of Friendship. Today, day 25, we’re going ‘back to school’ – kinda – with a girlfriend.

Have you ever taken a class with a friend? It’s a great way to spend time together, have fun, learn something and did I mention have FUN?! From ballet to zumba, cooking to pottery, yoga to Tai Chi, taking a class together is a wonderful excuse to just see each other and share an experience. It’s just a fun way to learn something – together.

You never know what memories you’ll make together … Several years ago my girlfriends decided to take Ballet. I didn’t want to be left out so I took it too. It was hilarious! We had a blast and laughed until we cried as we barely made it through the class. I’ll never forget the pottery classes I took with my friend Holly (as well as our welding class). We encouraged and helped each other. We bragged on each other’s work and shared ideas. We learned about each other as we discovered a passion for creatively ‘throwing clay’ and have the bowls and vases to remind us of those fun times together. (Read more about that amazing friendship and our pottery classes.)

To get started, find out what classes are available. Check community education programs, community colleges, colleges/universities, craft classes at Michael’s, gyms and local rec centers, art centers, knitting stores, foreign language schools, newspapers and community publications – or just ask around. Want to learn Italian, yoga or gourmet cooking? Check with other girlfriends and see if they know of places that teach what you want to learn.friendship girlfriends taking a class together

Find a friend who’s up for the same challenge. Or maybe more than one friend. Just find a¬†fun friend(s) who share the same interest and desire to learn together. Then commit to learning together and put it on my calendar. Knowing she’s planning on it too will make sure you follow through with your class(es).

Not sure what class to take? We asked our Facebook Friends about taking classes with their friends and they shared these great ideas for taking a class with your girlfriend(s):

  • Donna: Yes, my friend (BFF) having done scrapbooking it was the best!!! We laughed so hard at old pictures we actually cried. With this same friend, we have gone to Vegas, just us two, and had an unbelievable awesome time.
  • Patricia: My BFF and I met in elementary school. Does that count?
  • Leslie: I’ve taken Tai Chi with one girlfriend and scrapbook with another. It is always a good time
  • Nan: Gab gals attended a cooking class just last night!
  • Pam: Yes! I took eroticize dance classes with my daughter-in-law. We had a great time, and the works are great too!
  • Carolyn: I am attending the Braveheart conference and look forward to learning, sharing, and being with my dear friend. Are any of you going? If so, let’s meet up!
  • Terri: My BFF and I took beginning HTML together. We both spilled lattes on our shirts before the class started. I remember that…not so much about the HTML. (Being that BFF, I admit to having the larger stain and had to wear my long hair in the front all day!)
  • Erin: Gab Gal pal Nan & I took a cooking class last night! Yum-OOOOO!
  • Nikia: Yoga and Bible Study
  • Mary Ann: We did a fondant cake decorating class. it was a great time!
  • Cynthia: Yes, how to use our digital cameras!
  • OWC: Yoga, Baking
  • Sara: a beginners cross stitch class. we had a great time!
  • Jamie: jazzercise
  • Carol: Yoga…..then always dinner after!! Oh….and kickboxing too!

What have you always wanted to learn or to improve your skills in? What girlfriend would be a fun ‘student’ to join you? Why not go ‘back to school’ with your BFF(s)? Have fun girlfriends!

Just a few more days in this MONTH OF WOMEN’S FRIENDSHIP. Tomorrow … something really special, that you and your BFF won’t forget!

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