Surprise your girlfriendsWhen was the last time you surprised a friend, or she surprised you? Love a good surprise? I bet she does!

Was it a ‘big’ birthday or graduation? Was it a girlfriend gift you found that made you think of her? Was it a surprise visit when she had no idea you were nearby? It’s the “peek-a-boo” syndrome – generally, we love being surprised, when it’s a good surprise!

Or maybe we’re more like Oprah, who has said: “I love surprising people, I don’t like being surprised.” (But remember how her Producers LOVED to surprise her?!)

A Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.

Boris Pasternak

Today’s ‘girlfriend challenge,’ in this Month of Friendship, is to surprise a friend and make her feel as special as her friendship is to you. Here’s a few idea on ways to surprise a friend:

  • Friendship Jen Mindy girlfriend surprise

    “School of Thoughtfulness” – Mindy and Jen are the two fabulous friends featured in the photo. Mindy returned home from vacation late one night. On her doorstep, a cooler filled with ‘breakfast’ – food for the following morning. Knowing she wouldn’t have anything to eat, her BFF Jen filled a cooler with everything needed to wake up to a great breakfast on her first day back home. (As Mindy says, she “studies at Jen’s ‘School of Thoughtfulness'” in this previous Girlfriendology blog.)

  • Have a Surprise Party – Even if it’s not her birthday or an official day of celebration, throw her a party – like Jill’s friend did for her (aka: Happy Jill Day!). Any day is a great day to celebrate and surprise a friend, right? Show up where she’d least expect you. Invite other friends to join you. Make it all about her and making sure she knows how much her friendship means to you. (Here’s 9 Tips to planning a Great Surprise Party!)
  • Send a Surprise – Women love to receive flowers (like this bouquet of ‘friendship flowers‘), which can be an awesome surprise. Or get creative and send a box of helium balloons or a bunch of little gifts that you know she’ll love. Make your own gift basket filled with all her favorite items/products. Or send a card – or one every day for a month. Just let her know that you’d thinking of her.

And we had some amazing girlfriend surprises shared by our Facebook friends:

  • Cynthia Lee shared: One of my best friends just sent me a goodie package from Harry and David! She is the best!
  • Denise added: One of my friends sent me an email telling me to go outside and look under a bush near my driveway – she had left me a little garden statue that just spoke to my heart and left me smiling for days!
  • Paige offered: My dear friend in St. Lucia just sent me a monogrammed leather belt! We’ve never met in person, but I just love this girl!
  • Janelle broke our hearts with this story: I found out my friend was living in her car in another state (a week until her apt was ready) I canceled my vacation plans and sent her the money for a hotel. She tried to pay it back but I won’t take it. I’m glad I was able to help her. A gift of love is just that!
  • Janet shared: One of my best friends from high school just invited us to a villa in Cabo. Unfortunately, I can’t go because I have a convention that week, but I was so happy that she thought of us. Means a lot to me!
  • Janelle also offered: I would like to give special thanks to Deanna. I was in another state after back surgery and someone intentionally broke my cane, after seeing the trouble I was having trying to walk she gave me hers. We had just met.

Doesn’t that make you feel like surprising your BFF? What are you going to do for your best friend? Share and inspire!

Thanks for celebrating this MONTH OF FRIENDSHIP with us! Tomorrow … it’s cool to go to school with a girlfriend!

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